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Natura Fabularis Venenum EDP 75ml

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A new world is opened up. Would it be a forest of sandalwood where rice is steamed while drinking spicy chai or a wide golden field of grains? Venenum awakens memories and souvenirs of India without dwelling upon it. It oscillates between the scent of hot freshly made bread, milky clouds, spicy tea and smooth sandalwood. No matter where Daphné Bugey has decided to make us travel, the sensation is as gentle as it is enveloping. This venin is so flirtatious that it teases. WIth notes of Masala Tea (Almond, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg), Bread, Rice, Sandalwood and Mysore. 

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"This fragrance is absolutely beautiful! I smelt this instore and fell in love, I usually go for dark, sensual smells and was looking for something light and summery with a sensual vibe. THIS IS IT."