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Juliette has a Gun – Meet the family

The Juliette has a Gun collection (or ‘episodes’ as Romano refers to each of his fragrances as) tells the story of Juliette’s evolution as a woman. A collection of romantic, seductive perfumes – the Juliette has a Gun line covers all bases. Created in 2005 by Romano Ricci, and initially working with rose as the key note throughout the line, Juliette has a Gun has grown to a large collection featuring everything from fresh, earthy, clean and of course there are the ever present florals.

Untrained as a perfumer, Romano was born into the world of fragrance. The great grandson of Nina Ricci, he had couture, style and perfume in his blood. As a young child he grew up in the perfume factories owned by Nina Ricci with his grandfather teaching him the ropes of the perfume trade and the intricacies of perfumery. Beginning his career as a race car driver, Ricci was eventually pulled to create. His perfumes (his art) are designed to break the rules, recreate the molds of the perfumery world.

juliette has a gun

So in 2005, Juliette has a Gun was created as Romano’s ode to the modern woman. Referencing the innocent romance of Shakespeare all whilst carrying her weapon – her fragrance. When rock n roll meets innocence. Juliette has a Gun moves from playful flirtation to seductive temptress to bold and intense power. Romano’s goal was creating a collection that seduces both women and men, has been achieved. His collection is complex and original yet also inspired from classic traditions. Juliette has a Gun is a collection of contrasting and contradictory practices, scents and stories. A bold range creating olfactory personalities for each and every ‘Juliette’.

Lets meet the family….

Lady Vengeance – Romano’s first creation, the sex bomb…need we say more? This is a womanly, grown up and seductive scent. A confidant blast of Rose softened with Patchouli and Vanilla to create a velvety smoothness.

Miss Charming – she’s the quiet one up to mischief when no one is looking. Charming and a little innocent…but not really! This juicy Rose with Lychee and Strawberry is all flirtation and playfulness.

Citizen Queen – at the crossroads of modern perfumery and traditional perfumery, Citizen Queen commands attention. A powdery Aldehyde heavy scent, she is both mysterious and addictive.

Midnight Oud – the depths of night, when anything can happen. This fragrance is dark like the night sky at midnight with little sparkles of Saffron like the stars. She is powerful like the moon. Rich and warm Oud notes envelope you.

Not a Perfume – she is pure, she is light. There and not there at the same time, this mysterious fragrance captures hearts. Featuring one singular note of Cetalox, an ingredient used to enhance the notes around it. This enhances her unique scent. It creates a pheromone like effect to be worn alone or layered with other fragrance for maximum impact.

Romantina – she oozes nonchalant coolness. Like a bouquet of beautiful flowers, nothing more needs to be said. Effortlessly chic, wearing almost like a clean second skin; Romantina is soft Musk and Rose.

Vengeance Extreme – she takes the seduction of Lady Vengeance to the next level, its extreme…sensual and provocative. Not for the innocent with a deeper, richer, more decadent intensity than Lady Vengeance to it.

Mad Madame – she is unapologetically herself. Explosive and loud, Mad Madame leaves her mark; she leaves a fragrance trail in her wake. A chypre fragrance, with seductive Rose and Tuberose notes to mesmerise those around her.

juliette has a gun

Anyway –she’s classic elegance, perfect simplicity, and a breath of fresh air. The powerful Lime note is crisp and uplifting with the softness of Ambroxan balancing it perfectly.

Gentlewoman – she’s modern and daring. Inspired by traditional colognes, Gentlewoman has a modern twist. She’s elegant and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. – Neroli, Bitter Orange Blossom and Almond are soft yet crisp.

Another Oud – she’s grand, opulent and expensive. Oud is a classic and coveted perfumery ingredient with Another Oud creating a soft, smooth sexy tone on the skin. She leaves an enticing trail.

Mmmm – she’s fun and fruity and playful, in fact she’s sweet as pie! An olfactory delight, this intoxicating forbidden fruit fragrance features delicious notes of Raspberry and Vanilla.

Moscow Mule – she’s dangerous, like the cocktail…she starts out refreshing and delightful but she’ll get you into trouble. Bright and crisp effervescence of Ginger and Lime softens out to a sexy Amobroxan warmth.

Vanilla Vibes – she is bohemian and beautiful, salty water in her hair and dancing to the music. A soft sweetness of Vanilla, a touch of Sea Salt and grounding Sandalwood give the ultimate Vanilla Vibes here.

Sunny Side Up – she always focuses on the sunny side of life. That little ray of sunshine, this perfume is happy therapy in a bottle! The ultimate bright, luminous and creamy Sandalwood scent.

Not a Perfume Superdose – she’s the newest and perhaps most anticipated new release from Juliette has a Gun. For the Not a Perfume lovers, Juliette has a Gun has just launched the Superdosed version of Not a Perfume. Richer, woodier and louder, Superdose takes pheromones to the whole other level.

Listed in order of creation, we hope that you’ve all enjoyed meeting the ‘Juliette’s’ of Juliette has a Gun. Make sure you check out our other blog post (to come soon) where we’ll dive into the Not a Collection & Luxury Collection from the brand.

Click on the names to learn more and purchase any of the above perfumes. Some select perfumes are also available in a handy 7.5ml size. And for the person who loves the sound of everything, make sure you check out the Juliette has a Gun Discovery Kit too!

Jess xx

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