Halloween Perfume

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Our top 10 spellbinding scents for Halloween
1. Heretic – Poltergeist EDP 15ml $99/ 50ml $250
2. Demeter – Elvira’s Sexy Witch EDC 30ml $29.95
3. Diane Pernet – In Pursuit of Magic EDP 30ml $209
4. Carner Barcelona – Palo Santo EDP 50ml $154/ 100ml $220
5. Demeter – Funeral Home EDC 30ml $29.95
6. Andrea Maack – Coven EDP 50ml $187
7. Map of the Heart – V.2 The Heart of Darkness EDP 50ml $250
8. Juliette has a Gun – Into the Void EDP 75ml $350
9. Nasomatto – Absinth Parfum Extract 30ml $264
10. Tokyo Milk – Dead Sexy EDP 30ml $69/ 100ml $199

Halloween Perfume

1. Heretic’s Poltergeist is an ode to the haunted forest. Douglas Little’s all natural fragrance is inspired by controlled forest burns. It’s smoky and earthy with a touch of fresh aromatics on the top. This perfume tells the story of the forest and its ghosts.

2. Demeter has collaborated with the wonderfully spooky Mistress of the Dark – Elvira. Our favourite from Elvira’s collection is Sexy Witch with its sweet, musky floral tones (the collection also includes Elvira’s Vamp, Elvira’s Zombie and Elvira’s Black Roses). Shop them all here

3. Diane Pernet’s perfume In Pursuit of Magic is designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a parallel world. Nothing is as it seems anymore, but there is magic in the air! In Pursuit of Magic is a cheeky, fresh scent with notes of Citrus and Marijuana.

4. Carner Barcelona’s Palo Santo tells the story of this magical wood. Used for centuries by shamans for its healing and magical properties, Palo Santo is a warm and smoky fragrance that intoxicates everyone who comes in its wake.

5. Demeter’s Funeral Home is as playful as usual from the fragrance library. What started out as white floral fragrance took on another life as it began to remind the creator of his grandfather’s funeral. Soon the smell of a wooden casket was included with a Mahogany note and a slightly sharp element that smells somewhat formaldehyde-ish to us.

6. Andrea Maack grew up in Iceland obsessed with the supernatural world. She was destined to recreate this in a scent and that perfume is indeed Coven. Imagine a lush, wet, green forest, the smell of fresh soil and a touch of magic in the air with this perfume.

7. Map of the Heart’s perfume V2. The Heart of Darkness is a representation of transformation. Going within to emerge anew, moving through the darkness to reach the light. Also inspired by a bush fire near Sarah and Jeff’s property in NSW, this is the smell of rebirth after the fire – the smoky scent of the ash and embers, a little ray of sunlight suggest the rebirth.

8. Juliette has a Gun’s Into the Void is a warm and mysterious perfume with a dark energy. Inspired by the numerous unknown phenomena’s in this world that we are yet to understand, but particularly that of black holes. Rich, luxurious woody tones are decadent and sensual on the skin with this perfume.

9. Nasomatto’s Absinth is a mischievous nod to the little green fairy. A perfume created to stimulate irresponsible behaviour! Smelling quite true to Absinthe itself, this parfum opens to a sharp green tone then softens as it gets you into trouble.

10. Tokyo Milk’s Dead Sexy is warm and seductive much like the name suggests…. too hard to resist. With exotic woods and sweet alluring Vanilla notes, Dead Sexy is a showstopper anywhere, anytime.

Halloween Perfume

Our top 5 Bewitching Beauty picks….
1. Salt by Hendrix Stardust Tonic 30ml $44.95
2. Sonia Orts Aqua Serum Elixir 50ml $84
3. Neals Yard Aromatic Bubble Bath 200ml $33.95
4. Salt by Hendrix Rose Quart Face Roller $34.95
5. Madara Super Seed Radiant Energy Organic Facial Oil 30ml $75

1. Salt by Hendrix has created the most luscious Stardust Tonic serum here! Get that magical glow and hydration with this superhero serum packed full of Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, B5 and anti-oxidants.

2. Sonia Orts has created such whimsical alchemy in her skincare collection. This serum is associated with the element of water, which in turn is connected to the life essence of a plant. This serum is filled with wonderful Australian botanicals such as Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Lilly Pilly and Davison Plum. It calms and heals, hydrates (yet is oil free), promotes anti ageing, and brightens….maybe it is magic?!

3. Neals Yard Aromatic Bubble Bath is the ultimate product for a pamper night at home (if you’re not trick or treating!). Bathe in candlelight and bubbles while relaxing away with the aromatic goodness of this all natural bubble bath.

4. Salt by Hendrix Rose Quartz Face Roller is beauty meets wellness, which equals absolute skincare magic! Rose Quartz promotes feminine energy and self love, and the rollers stimulate lymphatic drainage, de-puff and help to give your skin a gorgeous glow!

5. Madara’s entire collection gives us magical vibes with is all natural ingredients. The Latvian skin care range features local ingredients and this Radiant Energy Organic Facial Oil is a must have as the seasons are changing. Featuring 9 rare and precious oils in its blend, this is the youth and radiance enhancing oil that we’ve all been looking for!

glasshouse candles

Now to top off all of these SPELLBINDING SCENTS and BEWITCHING BEAUTY products, the ultimate spooooky Halloween must have is the Limited Edition Glasshouse candles – Magic Spell and Spellbound!

The perfect packaging, Magic Spell is when magic meets mayhem and smells like a delicious Pumpkin Pie is being baked. Spellbound weaves a tale of magic being conjured with the scent of Leather, Plum and Peony.

halloween perfume

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