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Absinthe, an alcoholic drink also known as the “la fée verte” or “the green fairy” rose to popularity amongst Parisian bohemians in the 19th century due to its psychedelic effects and ability to induce hallucinations. Absinthe contains a component called thujone, a ketone that contains THC and has an aromatic green odour, known to stimulate serotonin. Derived from several plants – Absinthe is primarily made from artemisia, but often combined with herbs like anise and fennel, all of which have also been used in perfumery for centuries. 

As a young perfumer, The Nose used to mix thujone found in the perfume laboratory into his
absinthe drinks to make the effects of the spirit even more potent. He wanted to experience another type of drunkenness resulting in endless giggles and hysteric bursts of laughter.

Absinth therefore is a perfume inspired by escapism… those moments of pure happiness and careless, loud laughter. Moments of delirium where you forget your troubles and allow yourself to feel a little madness. 

The caps of the Absinth bottles are made out of thick pieces of olive wood, each with a beautiful unique abstract grain that epitomises the beauty of nature. 

Top: Undisclosed
Middle: Undisclosed
Base: Undisclosed

Alessandro Gualtieri

Opening with a true absinthe smell – sweet, green and herbaceous – as Absinth develops, the more complex notes begin to appear. Spice (vetiver?) mingles with woods and perhaps earthy patchouli and moss. The base is rich and resinous, without being overwhelming. The fragrance changes throughout its wear, at times sweeter and more resinous, at times more herbal and woody. As a Parfum, Absinth will last for 8+ hours on the skin, and take you on a journey throughout its wear! 

A spritz of Absinth immediately conjures the fabulous and fanciful green fairy. She hands you a drink, laughs as you down it, and entices you to follow her on a debaucherous adventure. Before you know it, you wake up on the forest floor on a bed of moss, wondering what on earth you did the night before. A must-have for any fans of the absinthe drink, or anyone who likes the sound of an aromatic resinous fragrance with a cheeky twist. 

Nasomatto, meaning “Crazy Nose” in Italian, is the brainchild of Alessandro Gualtieri, aka The Nose. The house was established in 2007 by Gualtieri as a desperate outburst after being restricted by the marketing regulations and trend forecasts imposed on him by the commercial multinational companies he had previously worked for. 
Therefore, each Nasomatto fragrance is an uninhibited, personal, artistic expression of Gualtieri’s. The Nose doesn’t believe in the olfactory pyramids, neither does he want to reveal the ingredients he uses. He wants those who smell his fragrances to be able to interpret scent in their own way, unencumbered by preconceived notions or biases, giving them the freedom to forge their own olfactory image. 
“I start making something but at a certain point it starts making choices by itself. It is the process that interests and guides me. I like the feeling that I’m losing control and I’m not the one making the choices. My involvement is to create something that is alive that will be able to say new things. I want my perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slave to my meaning.” The Nose, Alessandro Gualtieri.
Gualtieri has a visceral relationship with materials, everything is decisive – top quality ingredients are chased around the world, bottles, caps and packaging are designed with each fragrance’s concept in mind – every element plays an important role and is part of a bigger picture.

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