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To people new to the Juliette has a Gun Collection, the whole concept of Not a Perfume can sound weird, wonderful and confusing all at once. And now they’ve launched Not a Collection with Not a Perfume Superdose. Does this mean double the confusion? Hopefully not after you’ve read this…

The original Not a Perfume has just one single ingredient in it – Cetalox (also known as Ambroxan). This is a molecule created decades ago and used in the base of many perfumes to give them extra oomph. Cetalox helps to enhance all of the notes that it sits with. It’s basically perfumes ultimate wingman.

So what does it smell like you ask? Nothing and everything all at once. Cetalox has a kind of Ambergris scent, it’s musk, amber, animalic, soft, clean and slightly sweet. But the thing with Not a Perfume is that it wears differently on everyone. You need to spray it on the skin because Not a Perfume is more of an effect than a perfume.

Since Cetalox enhances the notes surrounding it, that is exactly what Not a Perfume does when you wear it on your skin. It enhances your natural skin scent. You know that clean, fresh, kinda comforting smell of skin? That’s Not a Perfume. Think pheromones gone wild. Skin but better.

juliette has a gun

I smell this perfume on people as they walk past me, that soft and alluring, yet kind of earthy scent wafting in their wake. I don’t smell it that clearly when I directly smell the skin, but it definitely makes me turn my head when people have it on. It creates a gentle and intoxicating delicious cloud of scent (that is still subtle) around the wearer.

Then think of layering this perfume with your other fragrances. Oh. My. God. Amazing. It works like salt does when you add a pinch of it to your cooking, it brings out the natural flavours, makes everything more delicious.

Another wondrous thing about this magical perfume is that it is completely hypoallergenic so perfect for anyone with allergies, anyone who gets headaches, anyone who doesn’t like ‘perfume’.

And to add to the Not a Perfume phenomena, Juliette has a Gun took it to a whole new level with the recent launch Not a Collection (including a Hair and Body Mist, Hand Cream and Body Wash) with the new and more intense version of Not a Perfume – Not a Perfume Superdose.

juliette has a gun

Superdose is for anyone who wants to smell Not a Perfume more prominently on the skin. It is stronger, deeper and in my opinion woodier and slightly sharper. This is a more intense version for sure. Again, it’s amazing to layer with and when worn alone it is much stronger. Where Not a Perfume is soft like a feather gently tickling the skin, Superdose is a firm but seductive stroke that you definitely cannot ignore!

So whether you’re a Not a Perfume person, or a Not a Perfume Superdose person, the moral of the story is that these perfumes are for everyone. They can be worn with anything, at any time. They are amazing alone or layered as they enhance ‘your’ scent – whether that be your pheromones or pheromones mixed with other perfumes. They are staples for all fragrance collections and the ultimate ‘I just woke up smelling this good’ perfume aka not a perfume

Jess x

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