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How to choose a perfume for a gift: our top 5 tips!


Giving the gift of perfume is the gift that keeps on giving! Perfume will create memories and connections for both yourself and the recipient. When you gift someone a perfume that you have chosen especially for them, it is one of the most personal and thoughtful gifts you can give!
And while choosing a perfume can seem like a big undertaking and a little bit daunting, it really doesn’t need to be. We’ve put together our top 5 tips to purchasing perfume online to make the whole experience easy and most importantly, fun!

1. Find out what perfumes the recipient may have worn before. This will give you a better understanding of the types of scents and brands that they like to wear. Take a sneaky pic on your phone if you can, that way you definitely won’t make any mistakes!

2. Once you’ve found out which fragrances the recipient wears, do a little googling to find out what they smell like. You don’t need to do a massive deep dive, but you might notice that they all have roses or jasmine in them….if this is the case, check out our ‘floral’ category under fragrance. Another option is to type ‘rose’ or ‘jasmine’ into our search bar to get everything with that particular scent in it within store. Who knows, you might find the perfect scented candle and body cream to compliment the perfume that you are buying this way!

3. Think about how ‘loud’ the recipient’s fragrance usually is. Do you smell their fragrance when you’re standing a metre away from them? In this case, they probably like a stronger fragrance, so search for perfumes that are either Eau de Parfum or Parfum Concentrate. Or maybe you can smell the fragrance when you give this person a hug (it’s a little more subtle) then go for an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne for something lighter and gentler. Search for the perfume strength under the fragrance category or you can see the abbreviated EDP, EDT, EDC in the name of every single perfume online.

Christmas perfume

4. How would you describe the person you’re buying for? Are they bright and bubbly? Maybe try looking at ‘citrus’ perfumes. Are they a bit darker and more mysterious? Maybe try an ‘earthy’ perfume. Maybe they’re a massive sweet tooth? Try our ‘vanilla’ or ‘gourmand’ perfume options. Remember, perfume is an extension of someone’s personality and their aesthetic. It’s another element of their wardrobe!

5. Lastly and definitely not least is to select The Lore Promise with your fragrance purchase online. This way you have a safety net! We all know that perfume is an incredibly thoughtful gift to give, but we get it, it can sometimes be tricky finding the perfect match. With The Lore Promise, you just tick the box when buying your perfume online so that the recipient can get a sample to try also. If they don’t love it then they can swap their perfume to make sure that they get something that they absolutely love!

Hopefully this helps to break it down and make buying perfume this Christmas easier! Of course, if all else fails, give us a call, email us, or even better pop into store to smell all of the perfumes in real life! We love talking perfume and always more than happy to help out.

Happy perfume shopping! x

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