Juliette Has A Gun

Lili Fantasy EDP Pocket Spray 7.5ml


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An extravagant cocktail of White Flowers and Ambery notes, perverted with a Bubble Gum gourmand twist. An olfactory whirlwind that will announce your arrival…and recall you after you’re gone! Creating Lili Fantasy, Romano Ricci imagined this Juliette as carefree and delightful as a bubbly bottle of champagne. She is frivolous, irreverent, she has a taste for all of life’s pleasures. She is the person at the party who leads the dancing. She commands attention with her bold confidence and playfully saucy demeanor.

Top: Bubble Gum Accord
Middle: Tuberose, Jasmine
Base: Ambroxan, Amber
Romano Ricci 

Lili Fantasy is a sweet, bright and light fragrance as it opens. Not overly ‘bubblegummy’ to our noses but there is an almost fairy floss sweetness that mingles with the ambroxan sexiness and earthy amber note. We get the sweetness of the white florals creating a creamy body over time. The intial sweetness lasts for around 2 hours then Lili Fantasy settles into a gorgeous cloud of ambroxan and tuberose that is just delightfully and irresistibly intoxicating, while also giving a nod to the classic Juliette has a Gun ambroxan vibe. Lili Fantasy is sweet but not as you’d expect it to be. This fragrance does its own thing. Because it was always going to. She’s a rule breaker and a playful fragrance! 

We love the playful sweetness of Lili Fantasy. We get the fun sweet vibes that remind us of childhood joy but then in true Juliette has a Gun fashion we also get the sexy Ambroxan base that smells musky and skin like and a little dirty even. Lili Fantasy reminds us of wearing your prettiest pink dress then carelessly walking through a rain storm. Its the pretty and the gritty all in one gorgeous and incredibly alluring fragrance. 

Created in 2005, Juliette has a Gun is the wonderful fragrance world of Romano Ricci. Born into fragrance royalty, Romano Ricci had perfume in his DNA as the great grandson of Nina Ricci. The Juliette has a Gun range was originally based solely around the rose – like a woman, Ricci says a rose is beautiful, intoxicating, delicate and thorny. The Juliette has a Gun range is contemporary, assertive and full of life. Ricci was inspired by the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliette, however the modern Juliette in this story comes armed – she carries a weapon, her weapon is her scent. And she uses her scent for seduction, flirtation and provocation. Juliette has a gun is rock meet romance in a bottle.

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