How to pick the perfect wedding perfume…

You’ve probably heard already about how scent is so closely linked with memory. Remember that perfume your mum wore as you were growing up? Or the smells from your grandparents’ house? Or even the smell of your favourite childhood food? How about the first perfume you bought when you were 15 years old and drenched yourself in thinking you smelt so incredible?

Our olfactive memory is our most closely linked sensory faculty to our brain. It is so amazing to think that throughout our lifetime different smells will trigger memories and emotions more so than any other sense.

So it only seems right to connect different perfumes to different occasions. One of the most significant occasions of anyone’s life is that of their wedding day. Getting a ‘wedding perfume’ can often be overlooked amongst all of the busyness that comes with wedding preparation, but I can’t stress enough the importance of your ‘wedding’ scent! Do not, I repeat DO NOT wear your everyday perfume on the biggest day of your life. This isn’t just any other day so you shouldn’t wear a fragrance that you associate with every other day (and absolutely don’t wear the perfume that you wear to work!).

The most important thing to think about (and chat to the Lore team about when buying your wedding perfume) is how you want it to make you feel on the day. Do you want to feel soft and romantic or bold and empowered? Do you want to make a statement when and if you’re walking down the isle or just leave a soft, lingering floral trail? Do you want something crisp and uplifting or something deep, dark and sexy that people are drawn into?

I totally get that on top of everything else you have on before the wedding, this sounds and feels totally overwhelming. But keep it fun. It’s a lovely idea to include the bridal party in the experience, make an event out of it. Maybe even gift your bridal party fragrance to wear on the day.
And don’t forget your partner! A fragrance chosen by you (or maybe by both of you together) for the wedding day is the best gift and a really special experience to share.

Just remember, this is the gift that keeps giving, as you’ll get to enjoy it, the people around you will love it and every time to wear your fragrance from now on you’ll be instantly transported to the best day of your life.

To get you started we’ve put together some fun ideas below

If you want to feel like a princess wear Creed’s Fleurissimo. This fragrance was commissioned by Prince Rainier for Grace Kelly to wear on their wedding day. It was inspired by the bouquet of flowers she was carrying down the isle. Now that’s really taking the wedding perfume to the next level!

If you want to feel strong and powerful wear Frapin’s Laskarina. Inspired by women’s fight for equality and particularly Laskarina the Greek woman who rose up to build an army and lead the fight against the Turkish as the first female pirate. This perfume has contrasts of soft, delicate fruits with strong, powerful woods and florals.

If you want to feel light, fresh and sensual wear Histoires de Parfum’s This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.5. This molecular scent smells like skin but better and with more to it. Share it with your partner and smell as it changes on both of your skins!

If you want to feel playful and romantic wear Creed’s Love in White. The name says it all really! Inspired by a gorgeous walk in Paris on a crisp spring morning, bursting with citrus and bright florals.

If you want to feel intriguing and mysterious wear Beaufort London’s Fathom V. Inspired by the darkest depths of the ocean – this perfume smells as you would imagine the mysterious bottom of the ocean would feel.

If you want to feel crisp and clean wear Frapin’s L’Humaniste. Inspired by the wonderful gin and tonic, this perfume is just as refreshing as swig of your favourite drink.

If you want to feel uber feminine wear Nasomatto’s Narcotic V. Inspired by power of female sexuality. Tuberose, the carnal flower is hard to resist…

If you want to feel romantic wear Lubin’s Grisette. Encased in the most beautiful bottle, this is a sparkling, fresh floral fragrance inspired by the ‘joy de vive’. Its impossible not to feel happy when you wear this one!

If you want to feel soft and sensual wear Olfactive Studio’s Lumiere Blanche. Smooth and creamy milky notes with hints of spice to create a spark.

If you want to feel like the ultimate gentleman wear Eight and Bob. Light, refreshing and refined. A classic scent that a young JFK wore and loved!

If you want to feel like the ultimate lady wear Carthusia’s Fiori di Capri. Originally created over 100 years ago by the monks of Capri to replicate the scent of a bouquet of flowers they had created for a visiting princess.

If you want to feel like a sexy badass wear Carner’s Rose and Dragon. Deep, dark and juicy with the punch of strawberry and manuka honey mingling with rose and woods.

If you want to feel beautiful but edgy wear Nasomatto’s Nudiflorum. This is inspired by the touch of skin on skin. A unique leather and jasmine fragrance.

If you want to shock and challenge people wear Orto Parisi’s Terroni. This scent leaves a strong and intense trail. An earthy, smoky fragrance with chutzpah!

If you want to feel rich and opulent wear Penhaligons’ Roaring Radcliff. A gourmand fragrance of indulgence with tobacco, rum and spices, for the provocative charmer!

If you want to feel playful and cheeky wear Histoires de Parfum’s 1969. Inspired by the sexual revolution at the time, this scent is sweet with a hint of spicy naughtiness.

If you want to feel masculine and strong wear Frapin’s The Orchid Man. Inspired by the 1920’s French boxer nicknamed The Orchid Man, this scent is earthy and grounded with mossy notes and a touch of jasmine.

If you want to feel irresistible and alluring wear Orto Parisi’s Viride. Inspired by the tribal ritual of adorning herbs all over bodies to draw in a lover. This is a strong scent with the depth of a mysterious forest with aromatic herbs.

If you want to feel crisp and clean wear Goldfield and Banks’ Pacific Rock Moss. Let this fragrance take you to the NSW coastline with its fresh sea breeze notes. A holiday in a bottle and perfect for a wedding by the coast.

If you want to feel charming and discreet wear Andrea Maack’s Soft Tension. Inspired by a thick mysterious fog, this perfume lets you get lost in subtle gentle musk and floral notes. An intimate scent for you and your partner only.

If you love a local connection wear Mihan Aromatics Mikado Bark. Created by a local Fitzroy couple and inspired by an afternoon in the gardens of North Fitzroy (where they were also married…).

If you’re having a winter wedding wear L’Artisan’s Mirabilis for its slight hint of incense mingling with the soft and sexy depth and warmth. A scent that grows on the skin and cocoons you in a sexy warmth.

If you’re having a summer wedding wear Agonist’s Solaris for an incredible burst of summer fruits. If you could imagine the smell of a sunset and those gorgeous colours, then this is the scent that captures that.

Want the ultimate wedding perfume experience?



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