Our tips for skin care after summer

So we’ve made it out of the 2018 and if you’re anything like me (and everyone that I know) December involved being insanely busy whilst getting merry in the evening more nights than not.

Then January and February involved continued indulgence – afternoon wines in the sun that turn into gorgeous summer evenings of more wine, lazy, long and amazing lunches that involve eating ALL of the cheese and just a couple of days of seeing a little more sun than my skin is used to!

While it was awesome and I’ve had a blast this summer now is the time start rectifying some of the damage that I’ve done and get my routine back on track. With a change in season comes a change in skincare for me. My concerns about my skin change, my skin feels and looks a bit different so I’ll alter it to suit my current needs.

Below are my hot tips for your skin needs at this time of year –

If your skin feels a bit tight and uncomfortable you need MADARA SOS Hydra Recharge Intensive Serum, this is like a massive drink of water for your skin. Created for dehydrated and stressed skin, this serum reduces inflammation whilst putting the water back into it (particularly good if you’ve been indulging in a wine or two…).

If your skin feels super dry (and it looks it too, we’re talking dull and flaky) you need Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Rich and luscious, a tiny bit goes a long way and this balm feels like it cocoons your skin in the most nourishing and nurturing way ever.

If your skin looks like it has sun damage and discolouration and/or it is aging you need Mad Hippie Vitamin C and Vitamin A serum. The ultimate powerhouse duo! Using Vitamin C during the day helps with pigmentation, brightens your skin and is anti aging. Then using the Vitamin A at night stimulates cellular turnover which resurfaces the tone and texture of your skin. Voila, glowing and radiant skin!

If your skin feels dull and congested you need the Groomed Man Co Face Magnet Scrub. This treatment product is a deep cleansing mask and gentle scrub all in one. The kaolin clay draws out impurities, the activated charcoal and magnetite detoxify and the crushed volcanic rock exfoliates to reveal the smoothest, softest skin that is free of impurities.

If your skin is looking dull and lifeless you need Pixi Glow Tonic. This cult favourite is used as a toner and has glycolic acid to gently exfoliate, ginseng to energise and aloe vera to calm your skin.

If your skin is feeling irritated, and is looking red and inflamed you need Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream. This moisturizer is packed full of calming rose water, rose wax and rose extracts as well as marsh mallow to soothe dry, irritated and all round sensitive skin.

If your skin is showing the first signs of aging you need Salt by Hendrix Mermaid Oil. This treatment is an oil, yet it absorbs quickly and feels incredibly lightweight. It is filled with omega oils, vitamin A, vitamin C and rosehip oil to protect from further damage and to also treat fine lines and loss of elasticity.

If your lips feel dry, sore and flaky you need Jao Lip Balm. This balm is super nourishing, a tiny bit goes a long way and it really works for chapped lips. Also great if your lips have gotten a little sunburnt and are feeling a bit stingy.

If your under eye area is looking tired and dull you need Pixi 24K Eye Elixir. This anti fatigue eye serum stimulates circulation, then uses peptides and collagen to plump. Plus the roller ball applicator also encourages circulation around the eye area.

If you’re getting oily in some areas and dry in others you need Madara Deep Moisture Fluid. This moisturizer is all about balance – this ultra light moisturizer will give 24 hour hydration while balancing out the oily and dry areas and giving a more even skin tone.

If your skin is getting a whole lotta sun right now you need Feel Good Inc SPF 50+. This range is amazing! These sunscreens don’t leave a white residue, absorb easily, sit well underneath makeup and aren’t full of nasties.

If your skin needs a really deep clean to get back on track you need Pixi Peel Pads. These babies are 20% glycolic so they give a delightfully deep and intense exfoliation to get your skin back on track. And this will ensure your other skincare products work even more effectively too!

If you want to look as though you’ve had a couple of extra hours sleep use the Pixi O2 Glow Oxygen Mask. This mask is my ultimate! It goes on like a gel then quickly bubbles on your skin. Using caffeine and ginseng to stimulate circulation, then some probiotics to work a little extra magic, this mask leaves you looking fresh and vibrant.

If you want a quick and easy hydration boost use Salt by Hendrix Crystal Waters Mask. This mask is packed full of goodies, particularly hyaluronic acid, which binds water to your skin leaving it feeling hydrated (but not oily) and looking plump and glowing.

If you want a simple, one-stop-shop to hydrate, calm and treat aging skin use Jao Face Cream. Super rich and packed full of natural goodness to reduce inflammation, restore hydration levels, improve elasticity and the appearance of fine lines.

If you have some super dry trouble patches of skin (on your face or body) you need Weleda Skin Food. This iconic product is something everyone needs in their bathroom cabinet. Super rich to treat dry patches of skin, it also creates a slight barrier to protect whilst your skin heals.

If you want an holistic and simple skincare routine you need to use Sonia Orts Skin Care. Comprised of only 4 products that you can mix and match depending on your skin needs, this range is all natural, slow made on the Mornington Peninsula and inspired by Spanish Alchemy principles. This means this range has therapeutic benefits that work to harmonise your skins rhythms and natural progression.

Jess x

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