The Best Perfumes For Valentine’s Day Gifts

The top 10 perfumes for Valentine’s Day 2019. 

1. Fragonard – Reine des Coeurs 50ml EDP $135

2. Carner Barcelona – Besos 50ml EDP $154

3. Goldfield and Banks – Southern Bloom 100ml Parfum $249

4. Eight and Bob – Nuit de Megève 100ml EDP $264

5. Eight and Bob – Annicke 1 100ml EDP $264

6. Mihan Aromatics – Mikado Bark 100ml EDP $190

7. Fragonard – Daima 60ml EDP $150

8. Grandiflora – Madagascan Jasmine 50ml EDP $145

9. Orto Parisi – Viride 50ml Parfum $286

10. Penhaligon’s Endymion 100ml EDC $229 and Luna 100ml EDT $299

Whether you’re spoiling your lover, your bestie, yourself…here at Lore we’re all about love! And lets face it – perfume is the best kind of gift that keeps on giving. We all get the benefits of someone smelling absolutely delicious. And of course, our olfactive system is the most closely linked to our memory.

Do you smell a fragrance and it immediately takes you back to a random moment in time? This is the incredible ability of our scent memory. I love having associations with different perfumes from different times, people and places. They are such an incredible connection to create!

Some perfume picks to celebrate LOVE!

Fragonard – Reine des Coeurs. Translating from French to ‘Queen of Hearts’, this perfume is the ultimate in playful seduction! This sweet perfume is the type of scent that you want to cocoon yourself in. The soft, sweetness of peach and resins mingling with pink pepper and rose is a delight!

Carner Barcelona – Besos. Meaning ‘kisses’ in Spanish, Besos is as delicate and intimate as a come hither kiss. Soft and sensual, this perfume is one of the most romantic in our collection at Lore. Sparking emotions and memories of tender moments.

Goldfield and Banks – Southern Bloom. This is the perfect scent for the Chanel Number 5 wearer who wants to branch out and try something a little bit more modern. Sophisticated and luxurious, celebrating Tasmania’s beautiful and unique brown boronia.

Eight and Bob – Nuit de Megeve. A cold winter evening in Megeve led to the meeting between Albert and Annicke. A night spent talking, drinking and dancing by the open fire. Returning to their respective countries the next morning, the pair decided to keep in touch. With love lingering in the air and the mind, Albert created Megeve to capture the scents of this fateful night to cement the memory. Creamy, slightly smoky and warm; the sexy man scent!

Eight and Bob – Annicke 1. Falling in love with Annicke, yet living in different countries the pair would write to each other regularly. Albert would create a perfume for her on every occasion that they travelled to be with one another. The ultimate love story! And this is the ultimate earthy, lily based scent.

Mihan Aromatics – Mikado Bark. Imagine the gentle earthiness as you picnic with your lover in the park. Leaves are falling, the scent of the earth and beautiful old trees with a sprinkling of spice. An ode to Fitzroy, Mihan have crafted personal and unique fragrances.

Fragonard – Daima. Translating to ‘everlasting’, this new perfume in the Fragonard collection is gourmand perfection. The note of Almond is creamy and sensual on the skin, the perfect scent to wear on dates as you create everlasting love!

Grandiflora – Madagascan Jasmine. The most intoxicatingly beautiful and realistic Jasmine you have ever smelt! White floral lovers beware, Grandiflora know flowers and this perfume is addictive. Created by a florist in Sydney – how could this perfume not recreate the alluring scent of Jasmine perfectly?

Orto Parisi – Viride. A perfume inspired by the rituals of the men and women of Yemen. They would decorate themselves in herbs and green foliage to appear more attractive to draw in a lover. Alluring and mysterious, this perfume is intense and unforgettable!

PenhaligonsEndymion and Luna. The ultimate pairing if you want his and hers perfumes! In Greek Mythology, Endymion son of Zeus was incredibly handsome and when Selene Goddess of the Moon (Luna) set eyes upon this mortal she fell deeply in love. Knowing she could not be with a mortal, Luna convinced Zeus to put Endymion into a perpetual slumber so that she could visit him every night and gaze down upon his beauty.

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