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Mikado Bark EDP 100ml

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Autumnal hues, sitting in the garden – corduroy, stubble, a pile of well-loved books. The soft scent of paper mingling with the beautiful aroma of a tree lined park. Earthy and woody, with the warmth of the afternoon sun setting upon your face while you lose yourself in a classic novel. A grounded and refined fragrance that warms the soul.

Mikado Bark is an ode to North Fitzroy’s Edinburgh Gardens on a beautiful Autumn afternoon, the smell of urban nature surrounding you while you read your book. Warm and inviting, earthy and woody but never heavy or too deep. This perfume is a lighter woody scent.

Top: Autumn Dew, Sage
Middle: Cinnamon Bark, Clove
Base: Patchouli, Virginian Cedarwood

30% Parfum w. Organic Sugarcane alcohol

Josh and Jules Mihan

Opening green and dewy, the sage note at the beginning of Mikado Bark perfectly complements the earthy spice of cinnamon and clove which eventually settle down in a cosy bed of woods and musk. Mikado Bark is a balanced, tranquil wear, with a unique earthy creaminess that endures from beginning to end. As an Eau de Parfum, this scent will give you a good 6 – 8 hours’ worth of wear on the skin, staying warm, sweet and comforting the whole time.

Rumour has it the couple of local legends/creators of this fragrance pledged their undying love and lifetime commitment to each other in the beautiful outdoors of a park nearby, surrounded by loved ones and the wonders of the natural world. With this in mind, we simply love how this fragrance celebrates love…as well as a love and appreciation of autumn, and good times spent amidst its natural beauty. Moist fallen leaves soften the ground beneath the feet, the turn of seasons, romance and celebration in the air…all deliciously laced with a hint of wedding cake. Creamy, warm, earthy, sweet and oh-so romantically inspired!

Mihan Aromatics was born through a mutual appreciation for the power of scent and a deep-rooted love of the Australian land. Founded by local Fitzroy couple Josh and Jules in 2017, Mihan Aromatics encapsulates the unique Australian experience. Romantic and nostalgic, genderless and timeless — each aroma conjures heartache, hubris and harmony.
Organic Sugarcane alcohol and Kakadu Plum Seed Oil are the hero ingredients used throughout their collection — a way to showcase high quality, clean Australian native ingredients and deliver fragrance that’s better both for you and the environment.
Each Mihan Aromatics scent is designed, developed, assembled and hand-filled in Melbourne, Australia. All parfums are cruelty free and vegan certified.
At Lore Perfumery we have a special connection to Mihan Aromatics, and particularly to Josh and Jules as one of their first ever stockists. Each scent is inspired by a place in the same suburb both Lore and Mihan are based (Fitzroy!) so they’ll always be particularly close to our hearts.

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2 reviews for Mikado Bark EDP 100ml.

  1. casinitiss

    Mihan Aromatics has been 12 years in the making and you can sense that in the quality and consistency of concept across the range. Two Fitzroy locals boldly attempt to bring modern Australia into the perfume world. Mikado Bark as the name suggests has an aged organic quality to it – like ancient dry woody bark cracking in the summer heat. While it remains quite clean and paired back the unusual combination of spices – basil, rosemary and green pepper just to mention a few, give it a unique lively quality, earthy and viridescent. Another cracking scent from this house that most definitely merits a whiff.

  2. Pep Dalessandri (verified owner)

    This is an elusive scent that ghosts around your skin with whispered woods. It is one of the most translucent woody scebts i have encountered and perfect for just about any situation.

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