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Love Is In The Air: Fragrances For Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air: fragrances for valentine’s day

So whether you’ve got a special little Valentine that you’re looking to spoil, a friend that you’re wanting to pep up or you just want to indulge in self gifts (the best kind right?) here is my list of the sexiest scents for V Day!


Frapin 1270Frapin make the best cognac in the world…yep they’ve been making cognac since the family planted the grapes in 1270, hence the fragrance name. This is the oldest family run business to this day and this scent is their ode to the romantic world of cognac. Rich and warm but with a bit of freshness through it, this is amazing on both men and women. To me it says hot summer nights, leaving a sexy, slightly sweet trail behind you. And just to top off the romantic story, the beautiful wooden lids are made by local pipe-turners using the Birch trees on the family’s property in Cognac.

1270 has notes of Dried Orange, Hazelnut, Cacao, Coffee, Grapes, Resins, White Honey and Woods in the base. It starts out sweet but dries down to a rich, warm and earthy fragrance with a hint of sweetness as the honey lingers so seductively.


Eight and Bob – this fragrance range is all about romance…the romance of the wonderful story of Albert Fouquet and JFK and how the fragrance came to be. Albert – the son of a French aristocrat loved fragrance, he mixed his own and was known for his scents though he kept them very secretive. At this same time a young JFK was travelling on the French Riviera, when the two young men crossed paths. Falling in love with the unique scent that Albert was wearing JFK convinced him to give him a small vial to take back to the US. Albert did this with the note “In this bottle you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks”.

Back in the US, everyone went crazy for the fragrance thus JFK wrote to Albert asking for “Eight more and one for Bob”. Albert bottled the fragrances up and labelled them Eight & Bob as per JFK’s amusing request. And the rest as they say is history…

Whilst this scent is the ultimate gentleman’s fragrance it is also beautiful on women’s skin. With notes of Pink Pepper, Lemon, Violet Leaves, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Amber and Vetiver. It smells smooth and warm yet light at the same time. This is a signature scent, the type of fragrance you get stopped on the street about. 


Juliette has a Gun – Lady Vengeance AKA the Sex Bomb fragrance. I don’t know why, there is just something innately sexy about this fragrance. It’s feminine, yet it packs a punch. It’s like a woman’s scent (not for girls!), for the bold who know what they want and who they want. Described by Romano Ricci, the scent’s creator as “the fragrance of a woman for whom the game of seduction has no secrets”. Mmhmm, do you get the vibe?

This fragrance has notes of Rose, Patchouli, Vanilla and Ambroxan. On the skin the rose comes alive, it is bright yet has depth and mystery in those beautiful earthy notes.


Goldfield and Banks – Desert Rosewood is an exotic unisex fragrance inspired by the thick and luscious forests of the Central Victorian Highlands. With the dark, mystical juice, this fragrance calls in our incredible Australian landscape. It is warm and resinous, slightly mysterious on the skin and perfect for a day that turns into night… This fragrance lingers, it is super concentrated so it makes an impact wherever you are – people remember this scent. This is for a bold, sexy splash of decadence!

With notes of Australian Desert Rosewood, Mandarin, Cardamom, Benzoin, Vanilla and Patchouli. It is slightly warm and sticky at first with gourmand notes, but it softens out into a smooth woody base


Tokyo Milk – Dead Sexy is dark and warm, the soft sweetness of vanilla mingling with the deep and mysterious earthy notes make this scent the perfect budget fragrance for someone wanting sexy and a little bit different. Maybe or maybe not named after the erotic thriller film Dead Sexy, this scent is dark as the name suggests!

With notes of Ebony Woods, Exotic Woods, Vanilla and White Orchid. This fragrance is lovely on both mens and womens skin, it is understated with a creamy woody warmth.


Jess xx