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Rose and Dragon EDP 50ml

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As he fought to save the princess from the dragon, he battled against the dragon’s flames he finally stabbed him with his sword. From the dying dragon’s blood a red rosebush grew and thus we have the inspiration for this dark, and dangerous rose based scent. Exotic and mysterious, Rose and Dragon blends rare ingredients to create a truly luxurious rose based fragrance.

Top: Persian Saffron, Cumin Essence, Wild Strawberry Accord, Cinnamon Leaves
Middle: Bulgarian Rose Essence, Turkish Rose Absolute, Manuka Honey, Ethiopian Frankincense Extract
Base: Castoreum, Leather Accord, Andalusian Labdanum Resin, Amber

Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Rose and Dragon is a juicy, spicy Rose that has a rich and dark leathery base. With so much going on, the Rose is always the star, its almost juicy with the Strawberry note. Settling into a deep, woody leather base Rose and Dragon is rich and strong…a little bit goes a long way.

We love the juicy dark rose note in Rose and Dragon. This is such a sexy fragrance, a strong, bold, edgy Rose fragrance.

Created by Sara Carner in 2008, the Carner Barcelona perfume collection is a beautiful, modern and sophisticated ode to her home of Barcelona. Capturing the essence of the Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul, Carner Barcelona has a unique vibrance much like the city itself. Each scent has its own identity and tells the story of Barcelona, from its culture, to its architecture, lifestyle and people. Entirely produced in Barcelona, using local artisans, the Carner Barcelona perfume line merges tradition with modern innovation to truly infuse each scent with the Mediterranean spirit. The wooden caps on each bottle of perfume are sourced ethically from sustainable European forests then engraved by hand in Barcelona. The elegant glass bottles portray the effortlessly chic aesthetic of the Mediterranean coast line. And each perfume box has a special message engraved on the inside panel that evokes the emotion of each fragrance and ultimately, the spirit in which each Carner Barcelona fragrance is always “made with love”.

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1 review for Rose and Dragon EDP 50ml.

  1. Afaf

    If I had to describe Rose & Dragon in two words I would say ‘hauntingly sexy’. This fragrance tells a story of forbidden love, lust and betrayel. I smell a bouquet of matured red blood roses, mulled red wine, slight animalic and leather tones, spicy resins and cumin dipped in rich golden honey and smokey burning incense. It is a balance of hot and cold, good and bad, naughty and nice. It is rich, dark and full of character and charisma. I can imagine a sultry mistress wearing this scent to lure her next lover in, or a sophisticated looking man with eyes that tell you exactly what he’s after without saying a word when he looks at you. It’s the type of fragrance that is unforgettable, not only to the wearer but whoever smells it on you. It is alluring, captivating, dominating and intoxicating.. A scent that leaves no remorse. It’s the type of scent that you will be drawn to, one that will draw attention to you and one that is irresistible to everyone around you. It is simply exquisite.

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