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Natura Fabularis Mirabilis EDP 75ml

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The old packaging is on sale. This fragrance is not discontinued and has been released with new packaging.

L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrances create the perfect harmony between nature and the imaginary – Natura Fabularis is Daphne Bugey’s imagined gardens around the world. Stemming from the philosophy that the Cabinet of Curiosities played a major role in the circulation of knowledge and ideas, the Natura Fabularis collection pays homage to Emille Deyrolles work, specializing in flora and fauna. Deyrolle’s mission was to explain the Earth to people – committed to the 3 fields of activities – Nature, Art, Education. To draw inspiration from nature, to enhance its beauty through art and to transmit this to people through education.

Natura Fabularis explores nature in its most abstract, a mysterious olfactive experience. The power of the imagination, bringing nature to life through scent. Each number noted on the bottle of each scent refers to the number of edits that were made to the original formula.

Mirabilis plays on contrasts and it is immediately remarkable. Daphné Bugey reconciles the superficial world of intrigue with the profoundly sacred. Incense connects us to the earthly rituals of perfumed offerings to the skies and the gods. The presence of synthetic molecules such as Ambrox and Musk Vulcanolide transports us to the future so she has created a unique fusion of history and future in the one scent.

Top: Amboxan
Middle: Incense, Olibanum
Base: Musk Vulcanolide, Woody Notes

While we have talked about Mirabilis being a ‘skin-scent’ this by no means suggests that it isn’t strong. We get great depth of scent and wear of around 8 hours. While it’s a subtle dry down, it continues to offers hours of intrigue as it throws gentle notes of Incense and Musk.


Mirabilis almost mimics the skin chemistry and we just love that it appears to have been blended with such skill that it becomes a part of you. It is intimate, a soft musky, and resinous fragrance that has light and shade throughout. It almost dances along the skin as it settles to become such a sexy skin-scent.


Daphne Bugey

L’Artisan Parfumeur, the original niche perfume house was launched in 1976. The iconic French perfume house has paved the way for niche perfumes, while working with some of the world’s best noses. L’Artisan Parfumeur continues to innovate and create artisan, niche perfumes. A perfume collection for the perfume connoisseurs, L’Artisan’s signature perfume style remains at the forefront of the niche perfume world setting trends and creating unique masterpieces.

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"A divine perfume from my absolute favourite brand. I fell in love with L'artisan parfumeur when I was travelling and in my search to replace my favourite scent Caligna, I found Lore. Although I can't get this scent in Australia I ordered samples of other perfumes in their range. It was super hard to choose as I fell in love with all of them but Mirabilis just had a pull I couldn't resist. I wear this for day and night and never get sick of it. It really is like a warm hug. I get compliments from everyone and my kids love to smell me when I'm wearing it. It's worth every cent."

Fiona Arthur

"What can i say, I am truly surprised it has taken me this long to review one of my favourite ever scents. L'artisans, Mirabilis; is a stand out scent, its one that no matter what mood I'm in, no matter the weather, no matter what I'm doing, i will love wearing this warming, modest and elegant scent. On opening you get hits of incense, not too over powering, but strong enough to make you feel grounded, after a few minutes on the skin it turns into a delicate dream, with elements of familiarity, the Musk offers a comforting and evocative scent, that pulls you deeper into the world of perfume. Get nice and close to the skin for this one, its just feels so right."

Hannah - Lore Staff