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Dirty Hinoki EDP 15ml


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Dirty Hinoki takes us into the Japanese forest. Imagine taking a slow, deep breath whilst standing amongst the wild hinoki forest on Yakushima Island, just off the south coast of Japan. Inspired by and evoking the ancient and traditional practice of forest bathing, or Shirin-Yoku. Grounding, earthy notes swirl through your senses, and much like forest bathing, Dirty Hinoki is designed to give you a multi sensory experience, clear your mind of busy thoughts and open your soul up to the beauty of nature surrounding you. Creating an ethereal sensory experience, DIrty Hinoki opens with a wonderful citrus and pine burst, then mellows into woods and resins with a gentle smokiness. A gentle, meditative and immersive Japanese forest bath in a bottle. The perfect escape!  Natural ingredients plus safe synthetics.

Douglas Little describes Heretic’s ‘dirty series’ as taking classic beautiful ingredients and putting a new spin on them – letting their hair down, smudging their lipstick and exploring new territory.

Apply generously to skin and/or hair. Heretic’s natural blends are great for layering, so feel free to combine 2-3 different fragrances to create your own unique scent!

• For all genders
• Is formulated with a proprietary blend of naturally derived and/or safe synthetic ingredients
• Blended in organic, non-denatured, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol.
• No phthalates
• No parabens
• Non-toxic
• Cruelty Free
• Vegan

Top: Lemon, Cedar, Nutmeg, Thyme, Pine
Middle: Hinoki, Cypress
Base: Elemi, Wormwood, Fir Absolute, Ambrettolide, Balsam, Frankincense

Douglas Little

Dirty Hinoki opens with the aromatic freshness of a cool nature breeze. The crisp Lemon note with aromatics and Pine notes; slightly green tones with woods and a hint of smoke round this fragrance into a perfectly balanced outdoorsy fragrance. Woody but without the heaviness that can sometimes accompany rich woods, Dirty Hinoki feels weightless on the skin and uplifting for the soul.

We love this soft and soothing blend of notes to transport us to the tranquility of a silent forest. The cooling shade from the giant trees creating a gentle shiver as your skin is cooled. The expansive grandeur of nature surrounding both the mind and the soul. A hypnotically calming fragrance that really captures that calm of nature with its notes. We love to layer this with Bergamusk from Heretic Parfum for an enlivening twist, however worn solo, Dirty Hinoki stands alone as a wondefully aromatic and woody masterpiece.  

Heretic – one who does not conform to the ideals or opinions of the masses; one who follows their own path.
Created in 2016 in New York by Douglas Little, Heretic is a natural, artisan, small batch fragrance collection. Based on the mysterious, sensual and feral aspects of nature, Heretic began with a conscious choice to do things a little differently. Provocative, challenging, unapologetic, visionary and beautiful – Douglas Little has created a rare, unusual and comprehensive collection. As Heretic boldly disrupts the status quo of the fragrance industry with their radical transparency, their fragrances delve into the esoteric world and the realms of homeopathy, ayerveda, and herbology.
Douglas made the choice to work with entirely natural materials – essential oils, concretes and absolutes (blended in non GMO, organic grape and sugarcane alcohol) using traditional perfumery techniques. Believing that nature gives us sexy and erotic scents, the Heretic perfume collection creates unique depth and complexity.
“Natural fragrances are much like wine in that you can detect nuances of the plant, the soil, and its surroundings. They have characters that cannot be achieved with synthetic copies. These fragrances are alive, they create an olfactory fingerprint” – Douglas Little.

• Certified 100% natural ingredients (naturally derived essential oils, absolutes and concretes) • Blended in organic, non-denatured, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol. • Free of synthetic fragrance • Cruelty Free • Vegan
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