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Dedicated to the cradle of all the great civilizations of Europe, Africa and Asia, Mediterraneo is a sunny fragrance – much like the powerful sun shining on the equally powerful Mediterranean ocean. An original yet versatile fragrance with sparkling freshness. Mediterraneo blends the classical pristine freshness of lemon leaves with the youthful and refreshing and clean tones of green tea. A bright and vivid fragrance that is effervescent and its happy citrus notes. Like a refreshing sip of Limoncello on a hot summer day in Capri as you recline beside the sea. Relaxing and invigorating all at once. A dynamic fragrance that evokes the magic of Capri.

Top: Wild Mint, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Aromatic Litsea, RedThyme, Bergamot
Middle: Jasmine, Cardamom, Wild Flowers, Green Tea
Base: White Musk

Laura Bosetti Tonatto

Mediterraneo is an Eau de Parfum that will give you anywhere from 6 – 8 hours on the skin. A crisp and lively aromatic scent, the opening notes of citrus, eucalyptus and mint maintain pretty well throughout it’s wear. Combined with what one can only envision as a freshly hand picked posey of scattered wildflowers, cardamom and white musk to enrich it’s ozonic heights & lend a hint of earthiness to it’s dry down.

We love the way this fragrance makes it feel like it’s been created simply by capturing a bottle of the fragrant sea air of this Mediterranean island paradise. Fresh, zesty and vivacious whilst simultaneously lending an air of cool, calm relaxation one can only imagine feeling constantly while experiencing the surrounding goodness of this fabulously famous isle. Sure to bring a smile. I mean, if it’s good enough for George Clooney…Avanti Summer!

Originally created in 1380 in Capri by the monks,in 1948 the Priory of Certosa found the old fragrance formulas, under the Pope’s license, revealed it to a Piedmontese chemist who thus created the smallest laboratory in the world, calling it “Carthusia”. Today, Carthusia is all handmade, observing centuries old practises ensuring the highest level of quality in their fragrances. Atmospheres and emotions of Capri are found in all Carthusia products, and all ingredients are derived from Capri’s environment paying homage to the beautiful island.

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