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“430 King’s Road, London, this is where it all begins. Cool kids with bleached hair swapping rare vinyl records. Distressed denim, hand-painted leather, latex, tartans, prints that would make your parents blush and lock you in the house for the whole summer… Did Punk invent fashion or fashion invented Punk? From underground clubs to the national TV, Punk always had its own style, its own press (fanzines), its own movies, its own poetry…So we figured it should have its own fragrance. Loud like the rehearsal in the room without sound isolation. Powerful like youth riot but still sweet and romantic – the idealism of adolescence wrapped in a heavy leather jacket.” Dr. Mike, founder of Room 1015.

Top: Cherry, Saffron, Sichuan Pepper
Middle: Violet, Jasmine Absolute, Mimosa
Base: Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Black Leather

Jérôme Epinette

Cherry Punk’s opening is all about the cherry – straight away, the red, glossy maraschino-esque cherry hits you. Then, the saffron and soft velvety mimosa drag in the deep, sensual jasmine and violet. Only once it’s been on the skin for a while do you get the base of the dark, black leather and earthy patchouli. On the dry down, Cherry Punk is like a red lipstick stain on a glass of cherry coke – being sipped by a punk decked out in leather of course. This scent will last a good 6-8 hours on the skin and in the mosh pit.

We love how Cherry Punk is exactly what it sounds like – a Vivienne-Westwood-style marriage of playful sweetness and punk. This scent makes us feel like we’re going record shopping for the first time, sucking on a lollipop, wearing fishnets and combat boots. It captures that youthful feeling of riot and rebellion, but also the sweet romantic idealism that came with it.

Room 1015 is a fragrance line unlike any other. Founded by Michael Partouche a.k.a. Dr Mike (a doctor in pharmacology, turned guitar player then visionary) this brand is all about the connection between scent and music.
The name is dedicated to the hotel on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. called the Continental Hyatt House, but better known as the “Riot House”. In the 1970s, its rooms were graced by the likes of The Who, The Doors, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin – who, like any self-respecting rock band did in the 70s, partied there until the walls shook. Keith Richards made Room 1015 famous (or infamous) by dropping a TV out of the window whilst his bandmate rode a motorcycle up and down the hallways.
So, the ethos of Room 1015 is all about trashing the hotel room of life. It’s about nostalgia for that period of freedom, sexual liberation, creative explosion, achievement of a “higher” consciousness (wink) and most importantly – rock ‘n’ roll.
Each Room 1015 fragrance is inspired by a pivotal moment in rock history – whether it’s the birth of British punk, the sex and drug revolution of the late 60s, The Beatles going to India for the first time, the groupies who lurked on Sunset in the 70s, or the scent of a tattoo parlour where your favourite band member got inked. Each scent has been designed to transport you there, and make you feel a part of it in the same way the music of that time does.

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4 reviews for Cherry Punk EDP 100ml.

  1. andielovelly

    I wanted to love this perfume from the description, and the notes made me cautiously hopeful, but I was pleasantly shocked by just how much I LOVE this fragrance.

    Cherry can be hard to pull off, but there is something so addictive about it. The more mature notes that surround it add a depth and sexiness that make you want to take a deep breath every time you catch a hint of it. The dry down softens from that rich, youthful fruit to something more romantic and enticing. I was so impressed with how this warmed on the skin, it’s beautiful at first sniff but only gets better with wear!

  2. RichRen84

    Cherry and leather while not a new combination to the market, Cherrypunk manages to capture a fresh and modern approach to fragrance here. Sour cherry and masculine leather notes makes this a universally pleasing and unisex scent. Punk attitude is going against the grain and causing a reaction with a unexpected combinations of sweet cherry, patchouli, violet, spicy pepper, saffron, jasmine, mimosa and leather at the base. Longevity is fairly good on this one but having a travel size on hand to top up the power of this one is a good idea after 5+ hours of wear. Love this and great introduction into the niche fragrance world. Ask the friendly Lore team to experience it for yourself!

  3. zycielle1726

    A cherry fragrance with an edge! beautiful cherry scent with a perfect name. A juicy cherry with a smooth background of leather. Not your typical cherry scent , better than Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry in my opinion both in the scent and longevity. Can’t wait to use the heck out of it this especially now that it’s beginning to get cooler and cooler.

  4. cs.gough (verified owner)

    instantly became my signature perfume. sweet but not overpoweringly so on the first spritz, softens out to a warm scent with saffron and jasmine. smells good all the way to the end and i feel so powerful but sensual with this perfume on 🙂
    i never give reviews on products, but if this one ever goes out of stock i think i’ll cry myself to sleep lol 😭

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