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Naomi Goodsir constantly stirs up trouble… in the best possible way. Whether it be through her distinctive millinery and accessory design style and skill, or her fragrances, Naomi Goodsir has a strong identity to all that she does.

Growing up in Sydney, Naomi began her career as a milliner, apprenticing with the iconic Elsa Schiaparelli. Her work is considered some of the most couture headwear and are renowned for their ‘movement’ as they slant and tilt. Her style is a little punk, a little rock, a little rebellious yet also always maintaining a charming and refined allure.

After moving to France, Naomi entered the world of fragrance and her scents are every bit an extension of her vision, as her millinery is. The fragrances revolve around raw, distinctive materials, creating different textures through their olfactory identities. They reflect the madness and fantasy of Naomi’s creative world.

bottles of bois d'ascese by naomi goodsir

Bois d’Ascese

Growing up in far north-west rural NSW, Naomi eventually purchased a beautiful old church built in the 1800’s – this is the scent of that magical space that Naomi eventually sold to fund her perfume line. An open fireplace stacked with freshly chopped wood at dusk, smoked whiskey, cold stone and incense, horse stables, a peaceful moment in Australian nature.


The scent of Naomi’s beloved horse. A white Arabian stallion; a horse with a wild and loving heart. Corpus Equus gives the wearer the primal scent of the horse – animalic and earthy, a touch of smokiness with a well worn leather saddle. This scent encapsulates the feeling of freedom as you ride into a black, velvety nowhere.


Prior to her millinery business, Naomi Goodsir made luxurious suede gloves, and Cuir Velours takes us into the workroom. You can almost hear the sewing machine as you smell the scent. Buttery soft suede, formidable wooden benches, a rum and cigarette to top off the work day.


Walking through the delightful rain in Rome, Naomi stumbled across a wonderful art supplies shop. As she explored, her woolen hat slowly dried and warmed up again. The scent of the space she was in overwhelmed her senses. The scent of high GSM paper and canvases creating a gentle iris, violet and incense waft, a feeling of comfort, possibility and inspiration filled her soul.


A reference to the plastic known as Bakélite – the first entirely synthetic plastic, emerging in the early 1900’s. Nuit de Bakélite references both the plastic of its namesake while also the narcotic and incredibly sensual tones of tuberose (with the most interesting green, smoky hints) to form an unlikely yet incredibly memorable partnership. This is a vintage delight which smells partly like an old designer lipstick, partly like the sexiest 1950’s woman in her lacy negligee, and partly like your grandma’s kitchen cupboard.


Inspired by the French artist Eugene Delacroix, Or du Sérail paints the olfactory picture of a French Romantic artist. A smoky, boozy gourmand like you’ve never tasted/smelt before, Or du Sérail tempts you with all of the finest and most delectable ingredients to enliven your senses. A strong scent of tobacco, over-ripe fruits, sticky honey, bottles of rum, vibrant notes like the intoxicating colours that the artist was renowned for. As Paul Cézanne described Delacroix’s work “All this luminous colour… It seems to me that it enters the eye like a glass of wine running into your gullet and it makes you drunk straight away”.


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