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The Difference Between Niche & Commercial Fragrance

If you’re here reading this, chances are that you already know about niche fragrance and have an appreciation for what makes it so special. But given we have officially named September a month to celebrate niche (lol you can totally create your own holidays like this, right? 😜), we thought we’d start the month off chatting about the difference between niche and commercial fragrance.

What Are Commercial Fragrances?

We’d like to start by saying that we’ve got nothing against commercial fragrance. It is great too, but what we’re passionate about is niche for so many reasons which we’ll get into later.

Commercial fragrances generally refer to the big designer houses. Think Chanel and Dior – houses that specialise in luxury clothing, jewellery, beauty products, accessories, etc. They are often sold in department stores.

Designer fragrances are often very likable, there is a familiarity to them – this could be because they are worn by more people so you have literally just smelt them more, but generally, their formulations are designed to smell this way.

What Are Niche Fragrances?

Niche perfume houses are independently owned and we love that. We understand the level of love that goes into a small independently owned business so we prefer to work with and spend our money with other independently owned brands rather than multi conglomerate owned ones.

We also really like that generally in niche perfume, all praise goes to the perfumer – the creator. Not the celebrity who was paid squillions to ride a horse into the sunset “wearing” the fragrance.

But what we reallllly love the most about niche fragrance is that all of the brand money goes into the fragrance juice. There are no limits on creativity as they are not being made to be loved by the masses. They can be experimental, controversial, divisive and have a powerful message.

Given fragrance really is an extension of who we are individually, there’s something special about connecting to a niche fragrance. And this, our friends, is why we do what we do.

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