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Bois d’Ascèse EDP 50ml


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Naomi Goodsir grew up in far north-west rural NSW and eventually purchased a beautiful old church built in the 1800’s. Naomi recalled long nights with friends spent around the fire at dusk, drinking smoked whiskey, surrounded by the mystical smell of the church – incense and stone. Then include the smell of the radiant Australian country-side – horse stables, leather saddles, freshly chopped wood, and a lingering smoke of small spot fires. A moment of peace and tranquillity in Australian nature.

Top: Whiskey, Tobacco
Middle: Cinnamon, Labdanum, Amber
Base: Oakmoss, Smoked Cedar, Incense

Bois d’Ascèse wears incredibly well – all of Naomi Goodsir’s fragrances are Eau de Parfum, and last well on the skin. We get 8 hours on the skin; the silage is strong but not overwhelming. We get a soft smokiness with beautiful woody tones on the skin.

We love the explosion of Bois d’Ascèse when it hits the skin. Freshly chopped wood and smoke take us to the outdoors and feels light yet smoky at the same time. This scent is really comforting on the skin and also complex – such a beautiful ode to the Australian landscape.


Julien Rasquinet

Naomi Goodsir’s perfumes revolve around raw, distinctive materials, creating different textures through their olfactory identities. They reflect the madness and fantasy of Naomi’s creative world. Working with the world’s finest perfumers, Naomi Goodsir’s signature perfume collection has the same je ne sais quoi as the woman behind the brand.

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