Perfect Fragrances Based On Your Star Sign

While its all a bit of fun, we delve into your horoscopes general characteristics and then pair them to complementing fragrances in our extensive range. Let the stars guide you to your next perfume…


Aries – The first sign of the zodiac – loud, passionate and full of life. The effervescence of a child, full of determination and wonder. Although rather than childlike questions, a lot of strong opinions come along with this sign! The ram’s sheer force of will breaks down any barriers in life. This sign needs a bold and inspiring fragrance – something with a bit of a kick to it, that leaves a trail. We recommend trying Carner’s Rose and Dragon, Penhaligons’s Halfeti and Tokyo Milk’s Novacaine.

Taurus – Supportive and dependable, the bull has two speeds – slow and considered or ready to charge at high speed when the light turns green! Taurians live life at their own speed and on their own terms. This is the sign of strong earthly foundations, easy going vibes and considered action. We recommend trying some bright and uplifting citrus scents scents to lighten the earth bound bull such as Fragonard’s Etoile, Demeter’s Sunshine and Santa Eulalia’s Citric.


Gemini – The chameleons of the zodiac, Gemini twins have two sides to them (good and evil) and are full of energy. Charming yet mischevious, Gemini’s have the dual energy of twins so this energy circulates quickly and crazily so they can sometimes be restless. They have a fascination with the world and have bounds of energy to turn this fascination into reality. We recommend trying grounding yet still quirky fragrances like Nasomatto’s Blamage, Fragonard’s Santal and Eight and Bob’s Megeve.


Cancer – The nurturers and the homemakers of the zodiac. This water sign is compassionate; with the hard outer shell of the crab but the soft and vulnerable underside. Carrying its home on its back, the crab loves to feel safe and secure in warm and cozy environments. Sensitive and nostalgic, Cancerians love to love. We recommend trying soft and warm scents like Miller et Bertaux Close Your Eyes And…,Carner’s Besos and L’Artisan’s Ambre Extreme.


Leo – The sun…the world revolves around the Leo! This gregarious sign takes centre stage with pleasure. The lion rules the jungle and as such, Leo’s are fiercely loyal, proud and kind. A born entertainer, Leo’s wear their heart on their sleeve and have a flair for drama and theatrics and are always the life of the party. We recommend playful scents like Mihan’s Guilty Story, Olfactive Studio’s Still Life in Rio and Lubin’s Upper Ten For Her.


Virgo – Virgo’s give us order, peace and purity (thank god, someone’s gotta!). The orderly sign of the zodiac, Virgo’s love to clean and see things looking beautiful, in place and immaculate… they’re ever so slightly the perfectionists of the zodiac. They hold high standards for themselves and those around them. Hard working, practical and always helpful. We recommend trying refined and uplifting scents likes Lubin’s Gin Fizz, Juliette has a Gun’s Moscow Mule, Miller et Bertaux’s Oh, ooOoH … oh.


Libra – Keeping the scales in balance, Libran’s balance their life perfectly. They thrive when the world is in balance and they are surrounded with things of beauty. Librans love and appreciate the finer things in life. Filled with grace and charm, Librans love to talk and express themselves freely. We recommend some of our most equisitley balanced fragrances for the fussy Libran’s taste, such as Frapin’s 1270, Creed’s Love in White and Nasomatto’s Black Afgano.


Scorpio – The powerful and seductive energy of the Scorpion. The most mysterious sign of the zodiac, constantly transforming. Scorpio’s represent four separate incarnations – the venomous Scorpion, the charming yet deadly snake, the eagle soaring high with razor sharp vision of its prey and then finally the phoenix rising from the ashes…reborn! Scorpios’s are sensual and mysterious so we recommend trying Allesandro Gaultieri’s range Orto Parisi – all inspired by our bodily scents. Seminalis in particular is the smell of sex!


Sagittarius – The fearless adventurer of the zodiac. The straight shooting archer is direct in their communication and on a mission for knowledge. Their hunger to learn and try everything often takes them on weird and wonderful quests and always keeps life interesting. Sagittarians are comfortable taking risks and are almost always enthusiastic about life in general. This thirst for adventure suggests wearing quirky and unique scents inspired by nature and travel such as Olfactive Studio’s Panorama, Robert Piguet’s V and Frapin’s Isle of Man.


Capricorn – Our steadfast, driven, earthly sign of the zodiac. The goat is head strong and great at planning. Capricorn’s are resilient, love tradition and structure. Even if it will take less time to get to the destination or exciting detours appear along the way, the ambitious goat will stick to their original plan. But be sure they will always achieve their goals with what appears to be grace and ease. We recommend some fun and light hearted scents to mix things up such as Diane Pernet’s In Pursuit of Magic, Agonist’s Solaris and Tokyo Milk’s Everything and Nothing.


Aquarius – Aquarians are the humanitarian on one hand then the mad scientist on the other. With a love for exploration and innovation, they are future focused, sometimes appearing a little ‘out there’ as their mind can move at ligh tspeed. The Water Bearer sign can often appear rebellious or detached from reality but in truth they are seeing a bigger picture with dreams of a Utopian humanity. We recommend wearing soft, skin like scents with a futuristic twist like Juliette has a Gun’s Not a Perfume, 27 87’s Hashtag and Nasomatto’s Silver Musk.


Pisces – The healer and intuitive. Pisceans are represented by fish and ruled by water so they lead with their emotions. Being the final sign of the zodiac, they have moved through every other stage and come across as the ‘old soul’. Emotionally evolved, but sometimes becoming absorbed in the subconscious and dream world. Try wearing grounding scents to reconnect with nature such as Goldfield and Banks’ Desert Rosewood, Costume Nationale Scent Intense and Acqua di Parma’s Ginepro de Sardegna.



So if the stars are drawing you in, why not take the plunge and try out your star scent!


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