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Lubin’s ‘Classique Collection’ is expressed through timeless perfumes inspired by emblematic women who perfectly embody their eras. An ode to prohibition and the scents and underground parties of the 1920’s. As the beautiful and alluring Marion skims through the Gotham City night in her sleek Duesenberg, kicking up her heels and sipping bootleg cocktails at the Ziegfeld Follies and whisky at the Savoy. She dances the Lindy Hop then strikes languorous poses, smoking Turkish cigarettes while Sweetheart pouts sulkily – but life’s too short, and there are so many parties to go to! She is a flirt, a show stopper and an independent woman. ‘Upper Ten for Her’ is the fragrance that lingers in the wake of these stylish flappers during their extravagant evenings of debauchery out on the town.

Top: Bergamot, Isabella Grape, Elemi, Artemisia
Middle: Bulgarian Rose, Raspberry Liqueur, Sichuan Pepper
Base: Precious Woods, Amber, Frankincense, Dark Chocolate

Delphine Thierry

Rich and gourmand in the first hit of Upper Ten for Her – we get smooth, sweet and mysterious vibes. Like a dark chocolate pudding with a side of berries and cream and a neat glass of rum to wash it all down. Soon the smoky tones come out almost like you’ve finished dessert and it’s now time for the cigars to come out. Upper Ten for Her gets smokier over time – a unique and elegant fruity and woody scent that easily holds to the skin for 8 hours at the very least. A wonderful Eau de Parfum that gives longevity and tells a scent story on the skin.

We love a perfume that is bold in its composition, layering notes that aren’t normally found together; like the wonderful use of Incense and Raspberry. A creative blend that makes for slightly balsamic aroma. Add a little Chocolate and Pepper, and you end up with a scent that intoxicates in such a pleasurable way.

Born in 1774, Pierre-Francois Lubin lived in a period thought to be the most eventful in France’s history. He began his career as a perfume apprentice at the age of 10 to the famous Jean-Louis Fargeon in 1784. During this time under Fargeon’s tutelage, Lubin came to be entrusted with the beauty recipes of the French Royal Court. Fargeon came from a dynasty of expert perfumers and was Marie Antoinette’s official fragrance supplier. Renowned as the ‘holder of the secrets of beauty of the old court of France’ and thanks to his illustrious patronage, Lubin became the favourite perfumer of many European Courts. In 1821, he became the appointed official supplier of the King of England George IV. Then, in 1823 perfumer to the great Tsar of Russia Alexander I.

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