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#hashtag EDP 87ml

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Blog, tweet, regram. Life today is the story we tell. #hashtag is the story we smell! This scent is an earthy and bold fragrance that is utterly modern and refined. With a slight metallic digital touch, the uniqueness of this scent reflects our modern times. Whilst almost futuristic, this scent features the warm depth of Frankincence leaving a soft, comforting contradiction of notes on the skin. With notes of Aldehydes, Violet Leaves, Iris, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Musk.

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"Luminous and Opaque - #hashtag is an ode to the modern millennial dreamer and the new memories they are creating. It has a floaty airy quality, quite clean and crisp not dissimilar to one note wonders like Juliette has a Gun - not a perfume. These are the aldehydes working to create a shimmery 'metallic' accord. But it isn't clinical - violet leaf makes the freshness lean organic with the warmth of musk and cedarwood softening its edges nicely. The light spike of heady Frankincense provides it with depth, character and a slightly mysterious tone. Equal parts romantic and modern - this is the future full of the hopes, ambitions and unstoppable energy of an emerging generation."


Rated 5 out of 5