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Guilty Story EDP 100ml


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Guilty Story… a tale of irreverence and debauchery. Let go of your inhibitions as the night unfolds and lustful irresponsibility takes hold, become volatile of your own volition. A warm evening with excitment brewing… the kind of night where great stories are going to be made, but you might have a little hangover the morning after.

This fragrance can only be spicy and warm, seductive (almost syrupy) and earthy. We love the playfulness of this perfume, Mihan have created an incredibly evocative blend. Inspired by memories of hot summer nights partying at the Werribee Mansion, this local brand helps us to recreate an unforgettable scene.

Top: Neroli
Middle: Saffron, Cinnamon
Base: Vanilla, Musk, Amber, Australian Sandalwood, Cedarwood

30% Parfum w. Organic Sugarcane alcohol

Josh and Jules Mihan

Opening with a bright flash of neroli like a citrus garnish in a drink, Guilty Story’s delicate smoky aura develops to reveal notes of saffron, cinnamon and tobacco. As the fragrance dries down, the base of sandalwood, amber, vanilla and sweet, fleshy musk rule the rest of the fragrance’s wear. Guilty Story is an Eau de Parfum you’ll be enjoying for anywhere up to 6 – 8 hours on the skin, but most likely the longer end with this particular scent… it’ll still be on your shirt collar the morning after.

We love how well this sweet, deep and slightly smoky concoction captures a fun – if not a little crazy – night out, maybe on Brunswick St or Smith St at a fancy bar. Perhaps there was an enthusiastic sampling of the cocktail menu, an over abundance of spiced rums, all mixed in with a cheeky ciggie…or two. A lustful kiss you kind of remember, but you’re not sure if you want to. It’s the scent of the kind of night you wouldn’t normally have had, but look, we’ve all done it! The dry down gives you those morning after kinda vibes, clinging ever-so-fondly to the clothes and skin. Spritz Guilty Story and recreate the experience of the night, but skip the hangover!

Mihan Aromatics was born through a mutual appreciation for the power of scent and a deep-rooted love of the Australian land. Founded by local Fitzroy couple Josh and Jules in 2017, Mihan Aromatics encapsulates the unique Australian experience. Romantic and nostalgic, genderless and timeless — each aroma conjures heartache, hubris and harmony.
Organic Sugarcane alcohol and Kakadu Plum Seed Oil are the hero ingredients used throughout their collection — a way to showcase high quality, clean Australian native ingredients and deliver fragrance that’s better both for you and the environment.
Each Mihan Aromatics scent is designed, developed, assembled and hand-filled in Melbourne, Australia. All parfums are cruelty free and vegan certified.
At Lore Perfumery we have a special connection to Mihan Aromatics, and particularly to Josh and Jules as one of their first ever stockists. Each scent is inspired by a place in the same suburb both Lore and Mihan are based (Fitzroy!) so they’ll always be particularly close to our hearts.

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