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Still Life In Rio EDP 50ml


This is the brand's first experience of picking a destination, yet the approach remains staunchly photographic. The eyes are treated to a unique view of the bay. Taken by Brazilian photographer Flavio Veloso, the picture captures Rio's beauty at that special moment when the sky ignites and spreads its golden shroud. At dawn, he ventured to the emblematic Corcovado where the majestic statue of Christ stands. The picture was snapped from the viewing platform at the peak. A moment in time that conveys strength and fullness.

Rio awakens… This ever-renewing impetus is what Still Life in Rio seeks to capture: a vibrant and expanding perfume that promises a day full of light and motion. While the art of light shines through this new creation, this sunny perfume is best described in terms of starlight, the primeval flicker. Exotic and luminous, Still Life in Rio is a unique scent that opens with crisp citrus and herbal zest. Then it heats up with tropical playfulness.

With notes of Yuzu, Ginger, Mint, Lemon, Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Jamaican Hot Peppers, Coconut Water, Rum, Leather and Brazilian Copaiba Essences.

Photography by Flavio Veloso

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