Our Top Boozy Fragrances

Ok, so we’re here. It’s officially cold, dreary and dark here in Melbourne. And you know what? We kinda like it.

It makes the most perfect backdrop to sit in a little booth somewhere warm, dimly lit and cosy and drink away the coldness, amiright?

So while we’re feeling a little festive after a couple of whiskeys, we thought, let’s make a drink list of the best boozy scents at Lore so you can also smell delicious while sipping away.

Nasomatto Baraonda 

The most whiskey vibes we’ve got. Enjoy a dram and a spritz of this masterpiece.

Baraonda Parfum 30ml

Frapin & Cie 1270

An iconic scent that honours cognac from the best, the oldest and most iconic cognac makers in the world.

1270 EDP 100ml

Lubin Idole

A deliciously intoxicating rum scent as you dance to the beat of a party on a Zanzibar beach.

Idole de Lubin EDP 100ml

Carner Barcelona Palo Santo

Rum, milk and smoky palo santo fuse to create a deliciously warming cocktail cloud of scent.

Palo Santo 50ml

Miller et Bertaux Pimiento

A Mexican cocktail where the warmth of a chilli/saffron duo hits the freshness of alcohol and ice cubes.

Pimiento EDP 100ml

Beaufort London Coeur de Noir

The heart of darkness – think pirate ship at night, the scent of ink., rum and leather bound books.

Coeur De Noir EDP 50ml

Andrea Maack Coven

A night under the magical stars – fresh cut grass intermingled with moist soil and peaty whiskey.

Coven EDP 50ml

Penhaligon’s Portraits Much Ado About the Duke

Gin, Rose and Leather – umm yes please…this scent certainly suits the flamboyant and fabulous Duke!

Portraits Much Ado About the Duke EDP 100ml

Naomi Goodsir Bois D’Ascece

Inspired by drinking smoked whiskey, surrounded by the mystical smell of the converted church Naomi lived in.

Bois d’Ascèse EDP 50ml

Nasomatto Absinth

A fragrance to stimulate irresponsible behaviour…

Absinth Parfum 30ml

Lubin Korrigan

Juniper, whiskey and cognac…sounds about right given it’s inspired by mythical korrigans who come out at night and get up to mischief!

Korrigan EDP 100ml

Frapin & Cie Nevermore

Inspired by the ‘Toaster’ who leaves roses and cognac on Edgar Allen Poe’s grave every year on the 19th January. A boozy, red wine rose.

Nevermore EDP 100ml

Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling

The roaring 20’s, it’s all about parties and of course, the Juniper Sling – a cocktail of joyous abandon.

Juniper Sling EDT 100ml

Eight & Bob Annicke 5

A fruity, floral; without the innocence and with the addition of a deliciously sweet drink of rum. 

Annicke 5 EDP 100ml

27 87 Sonar

An outrageous blend of notes inspired by a completely immersive experience of sound at a music festival – beer, citrus, burnt rubber and flowers. 

Sonar EDP 87ml

L’Artisan Parfumeur Noir Exquis

A French Patisserie after dark, a knock off drink of, an Irish coffee to compliment your sweet late night treats.

Noir Exquis EDP 100ml

Phew, ok so I’m guessing you’re potentially a little tipsy after being tempted to grab a drink halfway through that mammoth list of delicious sounding scents and drinks.


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