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Pimiento EDP 100ml

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Pimiento is defined as a contrasting Mexican cocktail where the warmth of a chilli/saffron duo hits the freshness of alcohol and ice cubes. An aromatic cologne, cocktail and delicious infusion, this unique fragrance gives us a contrasting blend of notes to take our senses on a wild adventure. The spicy sensuality of Pimiento, inspired by the Chili Peppers and of course the cocktail of the same name - a Margarita with a spicy twist. Refreshing and also invigorating, a cocktail and scent with a zest for life, an exotic charm that leaves you feeling all warmed from the inside out.

Top: Pimiento, Saffron
Middle: Clary Sage, Ginger, Geranium, Black berries
Base: Modern Woods, Crushed Ice  

Vincent Ricord

Pimiento opens with a spicy bang. A bright, peppery and lively fragrance that perfectly fuses warm and cold tones. Pimiento settles into a gentler spicy scent as the base notes gradually take over. While Pimiento wears close to the skin we get between 6 - 8 hours wear.

We love the surprising contrast of notes in this fragrance, and in true Miller et Bertaux fashion, Pimiento initially is intense and powerful yet gradually settles into a gentle and refined blend. A sophisticated spicy blend that refreshes like the best summer cocktails always do!

Partners in life, artists and adventurers, Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux opened a boutique in the Marais, Paris to share their inspiration; their wonderful finds with the world. From here, a fragrance collection was born. A series of stories, of experiences and of places brought to life in fragrance. “Fragrances for the body and soul, dedicated to those who chose the balance of being and appearance. “ The eclectic nature of their vision, and their trips translated into perfumes.

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