Idole de Lubin EDP 100ml

Fragrance Family

Earthy, Gourmand, Spicy
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Created in collaboration with Olivia Giacabetti, Idole reaches back to youthful travels through exotic places, roaming the spice markets, antiques and exploring markets. Fearless travel and exploration - the desire for excitement. It is the intoxicating beauty of the tropics - monsoon drenched jungles meets incense filled spice markets.

With notes of Rum Absolute, Saffron, Bitter Orange Peel, Black Cumin, Doum Palm, Smoked Ebony, Sugar Cane, Leather and Red Sandalwood.

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"Boozy dark woods and resins. Amazing opening and one of the few scents that i would identify with as a soul scent. Masterpiece."

Pep Dalessandri

"Bright burst of rum and spices at the top, and then becomes sweet after a few minutes which makes me think of coca-cola. Then settling down to a warm, sandalwood, amber and ebony combo while still showing some sweetness."