Baraonda Parfum 30ml

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Baraonda is a bottle of whiskey in a fragrance. This scent is so true to the scent and the taste of whiskey – it is incredible! All natural in formulation, Baraonda is actually drinkable. A really interesting experience is spritzing in your mouth as the way all of the notes then come alive is unbelievable. On the skin it is fruity, gourmand, rich and boozy with a woody base. In the mouth you can taste an almost Oakmoss velvety base, a hint of floral and Vanilla.  A rich, decadent fragrance that starts out with the sweetness and smokiness of whiskey and settles into an earthy and warm scent.

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Alessandro Gualtieri

Nasomatto means ‘crazy nose’ in Italian and this range is for the daring and non conventional. After working in commercial fragrance for many years, Alessandro longed for his own range of weird & wonderful scents that push the boundaries and become addictive, creating Nasomatto.
“I begin to make something but at a certain point, it starts making choices by itself. It is the process that interests and guides me. I like the feeling of loosing control and I’m not the one making the choices. My involvement is to create something that is alive and will be able to say new things. I want my perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slaves to my meaning.”  Alessandro Gualtieri

Baraonda is a Parfum so it should generally give the wearer anywhere from 8 hours + longevity on the skin, because all Nasomatto fragrances are created using Parfum extract, you’ll probably be wearing this scent for at least that long and if it’s on your clothing, even longer. Baraonda’s pure, somewhat delicate whiskey opening develops to a deliciously warm, boozy depth upon dry down, more akin to the bottom of an oaky barrel. The otherwise subtly disguised notes of Rose erupting in surprise olfactory delight, among it’s earthier foundation of Amber and Musk, more notably and especially if you dare to taste it.

We love how this fragrance masterfully crafted from 5 of the highest quality, pure distilled whiskeys comes alive on the skin (and on the tongue!). A classic, vintage, elegant and edible explosion for anyone game enough to try it.

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2 reviews for Baraonda Parfum 30ml.

  1. Pep Dalessandri

    One of the best whiskey openings in perdumery and in my opinion, Nasomatto’s best. Dries down into a gorgeous blend of old wood and musks and lasts all day

  2. nddo1

    I got a sample of this and I love it! It is definitely live up to its description: whisky in a bottle! It opens up magnificently but not overpowering then dry down to the most sophisticated sweet but masculine scent ever! The scent smells luxurious, but at the same time make you feel so comfy, like wrapping yourself in cashmere and velvet! Amazing juice!

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