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Timbuktu EDT 100ml

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Timbuktu is a unique perfume that combines ancient mysticism with the profoundly modern. Inspired by trips to Africa and the ancestral magical fragrance ritual ‘Wusalan’. The power of Wusalan lies in the art of the Mali women to create fragrances to scent their hair and skin. Passed from mother to daughter, as a magical fragrance spell for seduction and securing love. Flower roots, balms, spices and woods awaken memories and a desire for adventure. Rich in magic, Timbuktu evokes the beauty and the miracle of life as seen through the eyes of the Malian women. Perfectly capturing the African temperament, Timbuktu’s balance of mango creates a green, sharpness in its opening, with an aromatic and warm spicy heart and the exotic use of the African flower Karo Karounde, while finally resting on a smoky bed of warm resins. A modern classic, the smoky quality from Papyrus Wood, Incense and Patchouli pays tribute to the literal meaning of perfume: “Per fumum” or “through smoke”.
Top: Pink Pepper, Green Mango, Cardamom
Middle: Papyrus, Karo Karounde, Incense
Base: Myrrh, Vetiver, Benzoin, Patchouli, Cumin, Vanilla

We get the heavy hit of Green Mango in the initial spray of this fragrance. It smells exotic and unique as it begins to settle and the spices come alive. We also get the gorgeous smoke of Vetiver standing out on the dry down and creating a gentle smoky tone throughout Timbuktu. This perfume lasts well on the skin; we get a soft and subtle dry down after about 6 hours on the skin.


We love the bright, sharp fruity opening of Timbuktu. It is uplifting and refreshing, then the fragrance becomes complex and intriguing on the skin. The spices warm the green tones and create this magical and unusual blend that is both comforting and alluring. This is the scent to wear when you want to transport yourself somewhere else in your mind. And what an honour to be able to experience this tiny snippet of an ancient fragrance ritual from Africa in this exquisite fragrance.

Bertrand Duchaufour

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"Quite easily the number one fragrance in my collection. The main things i get are vetiver, incense and that green mango. But for me this is not about the individual notes and how they blend together. There are no real stars of this composition. It is at once clean, bracing, juicy, exotic and a little bit mystical. Opens like you are walking through 100% humidity in a tropical rain forest and then transforms to an earthy, green grassland with the humidity turning to enchanting smoke. This is voodoo for the nose. 10/10"

Pep Dalessandri