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Timbuktu EDT 100ml

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Timbuktu is a unique perfume that combines ancient mysticism with the profoundly modern. It takes inspiration from “Wusulan,” a ritual used by Malian women to scent their hair and skin. Flower roots, balms and spices are thought to bring love and sensuality. The smoky quality from papyrus wood, incense and patchouli pays tribute to the literal meaning of perfume: “Per fumum” or “through smoke”. Africa is evoked in the woody note of vetiver. With notes of Pepper, Mango, Coffee Bush Flower, Karo Karounde, Cumin, Myrrh, Patchouli, Vetiver, Incense and Vanilla.

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"Quite easily the number one fragrance in my collection. The main things i get are vetiver, incense and that green mango. But for me this is not about the individual notes and how they blend together. There are no real stars of this composition. It is at once clean, bracing, juicy, exotic and a little bit mystical. Opens like you are walking through 100% humidity in a tropical rain forest and then transforms to an earthy, green grassland with the humidity turning to enchanting smoke. This is voodoo for the nose. 10/10"

Pep Dalessandri