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Woody Mood EDP 50ml

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Unchartered nature, millenary trees, a silence that only the steps of a woman might disrupt…This is also what we expect of a fragrance: to gently sneak up on us before settling in with a beautiful note. This picture was taken in 1973 but it may as well have been yesterday. Taken by photographer Roger Steffens, the quintessential embodiment of California's hippie culture, the picture depicts giant sequoias that are probably found in Mendocino where he spent a lot of time.
Woody Mood features strong tones that echo the immensity of the giant sequoias. One approaches this fragrance the same way the mysterious heroine does the forest. A clearing, a hypnotic light that summons curiosity.

With notes of Bergamot, Ginger, Clary Sage, Saffron, Sequoia Accord, Jatamansi, Black Tea, Incense, Patchouli, Styrax, Leather Accord, Cocoa Powder.

Photography by Roger Steffens

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"A lovely, smoky scent, incense-like without becoming too heavy or cloying. The brighter notes of citrus and bergamot are gentle, sparkling in and out of the darker base and keeping it a little sweet and herbaceous. It stays quite close to the skin but lasts quite well. Perfect for bringing some warmth to crisp autumn days."


"Woody Mood is a great combination of sweetened, soft woods, incense, and wonderful opening of ginger and citrus. It develops beautifully on skin and lasts a good 10 hours on my skin as well. Olfactive Studio represents very good value as well."

Pep Dalessandri