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Rosa Diffuser 150ml

Forbidden. Seductive. Tempting. Meet Babe's dirty rose. She’s a little minx and will lead you into temptation. Developed to set a mood where anything is possible! 

Top: Violet – enchanting, dark and earthy
Heart: Rose & Clove – heady, warm and aromatic
Base: Sandalwood & Amber – sturdy, wood, rich, sweet, resinous, warm tones 

Elevate and transform any space with the Babe Australia Room Scent Diffusers.
The luxurious way to continually scent a room. Throws continuous scent to freshen & create balance and understated luxury in your favourite spaces & wellness world.

Size & how long will my diffuser last?
Please note the oils inside the vessel will fill to the half-way mark as the vessel used for this range is tall and not squat.
You should get at least 6 months use from these oils.

No. Ordinary. Fragrance. Infused with the finest botanical fragrance oils, Babe premium room diffusers are perfect for throwing continuous scent in your space. 

Made in Melbourne, Australia

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