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Ombre Indigo EDP 50ml

A shadow is a trail when you move toward light. Shadows reveal that secret and mysterious part we all carry within ourselves, that discreet side of our most intimate selves. Shadows are elusive yet completely familiar and of course, always with us. They precede us, follow us, surround us and protect us by allowing us to be free to just be. Shadows know all about our feelings and extend them. Without shadows, there cannot be light movements. Olfactory shadow is a shining enigma. Its darkness is radiant and lively. It develops in contrasts. Its notes reinforce their cheerful and bold outlines and unite their strengths. A voluptuous and smoky fragrance, Ombre Indigo is an enigmatic fragrance; its blend of woods and smoked resins reveals the radiant opulence of Tuberose laced with Saffron, melts into swirls of Papyrus, Incense and Benzoin.

Photography by Gustavo Pellizzon.

Top: Petitgrain, Absolute Tuberose, Saffron, Plum
Middle: Vetiver Essence, Papyrus Essence, Leather
Base: Incense, Benzoin Resin, Amber, Musk

Celine Verleure

Ombre Indigo is an Eau de Parfum so longevity is around 7 to 8 hours on the skin. This unique fragrance is almost boozy in the initial hit, the sweetness of the Plum mingling with the richness of the sensual Leather. The Incense also heads this line up creating a smoky lingering in the background.

We love the concept behind Ombre Indigo, the acceptance of the shadow, the parts of ourselves we often hide from the world. The unique blend of this fragrance (as well as the wonderful bright green juice) is also challenging in the sense that it is so unusual, a fragrance for those comfortable in their own skin and in being seen.

When the eye meets the nose. Olfactive Studio is a unique fusion of photography and fragrance. To begin the creative process, the fragrances were each individually named, then given to a photographer to interpret this title through his lens. Once the eye had found its inspiration, the perfumer then had the photographic image to work from. A beautiful alchemy of creativity, that invites us to rekindle memories, capture moments in time and create a powerful olfactive and sensory experience.

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