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Natura Fabularis Glacialis Terra EDP 75ml

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Citrus, Green

L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrances create the perfect harmony between nature and the imaginary – Natura Fabularis is Daphne Bugey’s imagined gardens around the world. Stemming from the philosophy that the Cabinet of Curiosities played a major role in the circulation of knowledge and ideas, the Natura Fabularis collection pays homage to Emille Deyrolles work, specializing in flora and fauna. Deyrolle’s mission was to explain the Earth to people – committed to the 3 fields of activities – Nature, Art, Education. To draw inspiration from nature, to enhance its beauty through art and to transmit this to people through education.

Natura Fabularis explores nature in its most abstract, a mysterious olfactive experience. The power of the imagination, bringing nature to life through scent. Each number noted on the bottle of each scent refers to the number of edits that were made to the original formula.

Glacialis Terra conjures images of an ice covered garden. Frosted flowers, freshly sprouted green shoots transformed into icicles and harsh, slippery, ice covered surfaces. The scent of the freezing cold, an icy breeze tingling against the small areas of skin not covered. Anything that was once alive is now frozen in time. Celebrating the freshness of the woods as the sun is setting over a cold winter day, the feel of ice on bare skin, the shivers it sends up your spine as you long for the warmth of indoors yet feel drawn to this wondrous garden frozen in a single moment.

Top: Ice Accord
Middle: Absinthe
Base: Green Notes, Vetiver

Glacialis Terra is an amazing scent if you're a fan of Vetiver or Absinthe and want something completely unique. While Glacialis Terra has a definite cold tone to it, it warms up slightly on the skin and softens, bringing a wonderful glassy and woody tone out - the Absinthe and Vetiver settle at the forefront of this fragrance. We get great wear with this fragrance, generally around 8 hours on the skin.

We love this cold and icy fragrance with the smooth green tones heralding the end of winter in the not so distant future. The scent of icicles, of water freezing and snow covered ground. Yet the little sparkles of green notes speak to us of spring that always follows winter. The hope for a thawing of the ice. We love the icy Vetiver note in Glacialis Terra that is so unique and so evocative.


Daphne Bugey

L’Artisan Parfumeur, the original niche perfume house was launched in 1976. The iconic French perfume house has paved the way for niche perfumes, while working with some of the world’s best noses. L’Artisan Parfumeur continues to innovate and create artisan, niche perfumes. A perfume collection for the perfume connoisseurs, L’Artisan’s signature perfume style remains at the forefront of the niche perfume world setting trends and creating unique masterpieces.

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