Murmure EDP Estagon 60ml


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Invigorating top notes of Italian bergamot and essence of basil and ylang-ylang, caressed by an angelic heart of lily-of-the-valley, languish on a base of musk, guaiac wood and vanilla.

Top: Bergamot, Basil, Ylang Ylang
Middle: Lily of the Valley
Base: Musk, Guaiac Wood, Vanilla



Murmure opens with an icredibly gentle, soft and powdery cleanliness. The crispness of the top notes (particularly the freshness of basil) lightens the creamy warmth of the white florals in Murmure. Ultimately this fragrance settles into a gorgeously musky floral scent with a hint of sweetness from the vanilla and a gentle spafkle from those bright aromatic notes lingering after making an appearance in the opening.

We love that this fragrance feels and smells like putting on a freshly washed and well-loved woolen jumper, that light scent of clean laundry that feels luxurious and also highlights the joy of those simple pleasures in life. There is a comfort in the musky warmth that comes through, perhaps the cleanliness of lily of the valley paired with musk and vanilla are the key notes that create that trifecta of smooth, clean and gentle comfort in Murmure.

Named after the famous Grasse-born painter, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, the perfume house of Fragonard was created in 1926 by Jean-François Costa. Today, his daughters Agnès and Françoise preside over the perfumery’s destiny, as it has passed through several generations. Well known for owning and operating the Fragonard Museum (Musee de Parfum Fragonard) – a unique museum concept that brings to life the mythical and often mysterious world of perfume. An iconic museum to accompany an iconic perfume brand!

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