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Collection Moods 3 Les Eaux Intense EDP 7 x 7.5ml


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A Collection of Moods from Keiko Mecheri’s Les Eaux Intense Collection. This set contains 7 X 7.5ml:

  • Bal de Roses
  • Bohémes
  • Canyon Dreams
  • Cuir Fauve
  • Musc Nobilis
  • Precious Forest
  • Vetiver Velours


Founded by its namesake in 1997, Keiko Mecheri is all about unconventionality and the reinterpretation of tradition in fragrance. Keiko herself was born in Japan, studied in Europe and then eventually settled down in Los Angeles, California, where she founded the brand. The fragrances reflect this worldly influence while keeping a distinctly LA feel – bohemian and laid-back, but also diverse, imaginative and innovative.

Keiko Mecheri serves as a point of difference to the more traditional French perfume “establishment”. Its fragrances take ingredients and notes we think we know, and re-create them with a modern twist.  To Keiko, fragrance is about capturing a brief moment in time. She acquires inspiration from travel, music, film, photography, and her own memories, which can really be felt in each one of her fragrances.


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