Heretic parfum

Bougie Burlesque Candle – Rosebud

Introducing BOUGIE BURLESQUE by Heretic Parfum.


Rosebud - Velvety musk and sweet coriander milk combine in this hedonistic scent that wraps you in warmed leathers and lipstick.

Gia Genevieve

Musk, Coriander Milk, Leather and Lipstick

Approx 40 hours of titillating illumination.

Heretic - one who does not conform to the ideals or opinions of the masses; one who follows their own path. Created in 2016 in New York by Douglas Little, Heretic is a natural, artisan, small batch fragrance collection. Based on the mysterious, sensual and feral aspects of nature, Heretic began with a conscious choice to do things a little differently. Provocative, challenging, unapologetic, visionary and beautiful - Douglas Little has created a rare, unusual and comprehensive collection. As Heretic boldly disrupts the status quo of the fragrance industry with their radical transparency, their fragrances delve into the esoteric world and the realms of homeopathy, ayerveda, and herbology. Douglas made the choice to work with entirely natural materials - essential oils, concretes and absolutes (blended in non GMO, organic grape and sugarcane alcohol) using traditional perfumery techniques. Believing that nature gives us sexy and erotic scents, the Heretic perfume collection creates unique depth and complexity. "Natural fragrances are much like wine in that you can detect nuances of the plant, the soil, and its surroundings. They have characters that cannot be achieved with synthetic copies. These fragrances are alive, they create an olfactory fingerprint" Douglas Little.

For optimum candle performance allow the wax pool to completely liquify, extinguish and let cool. This action will allow the candle to burn evenly and completely, giving you seventy scented hours of illumination. Keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch to prevent smoking and sooting. Never leave a burning candle unattended, keep away from drafts, children, pets and all flammable materials.

Bougie Burlesque fragrances are a blend of natural and safe synthetic ingredients that are always cruelty-free.
No parabens, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no known or suspected endocrine disruptors.

Paraffin and petroleum-derived waxes release chemicals into the air when burned, even if they are 'premium grade'.
Bougie Burlesque candles are made with a blend of 100% pure soy and vegetable waxes that are non-toxic.

Featuring lead-free wicks made from 100% organic cotton.

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