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Dirty Coconut Rollerball 10ml


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Dirty Coconut was inspired by the sensual Coco de Mer. This rare fruit, native to the Seychelles, was worshipped for centuries as a symbol of fertility due to its shape resembling the female body. A fruit cloaked in mystery, symbolism and stories, Malay soldiers first believed that this fruit grew on mythical trees at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Then in the 16th century, it became fashionable for European nobility to buy Coco de Mer seeds for enormous amounts of money and bejewel them as part of their Curiosity Collection. The intrigue and seductive history of this fruit overflows into this new scent. A sensual blend of tropical Coconut, sun bathed woods and creamy, warm Vanilla to make sure blissful summers last all year long. This is far from your typical beach scent though, Dirty Coconut is a lush, sophisticated and sensual Coconut. Using an all natural CO2 extract of coconut to ensure this fragrance does not smell like the “fake stuff”. It also has the aromatherapy benefits of coconut, so we’re talking calming, relaxation and aphrodisiac qualities. Blissing out on the beach never felt so clean and never smelled so naughty!

This plant-based sensual masterpiece melds warm Vanilla, sustainably harvested Sandalwood, and creamy Coconut for a woody, irresistible aphrodisiac that relaxes and calms. Natural ingredients plus safe synthetics.

Douglas Little describes Heretic’s ‘dirty series’ as taking classic beautiful ingredients and putting a new spin on them – letting their hair down, smudging their lipstick and exploring new territory.

Apply generously to skin and/or hair. Heretic’s natural blends are great for layering, so feel free to combine 2-3 different fragrances to create your own unique scent!

• For all genders
• Is formulated with a proprietary blend of naturally derived and/or safe synthetic ingredients
• Blended in organic, non-denatured, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol.
• No phthalates
• No parabens
• Non-toxic
• Cruelty Free
• Vegan

Top: Cedar, Vanillin (derived from clove)
Middle: Coconut CO2
Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla Absolute, Ambrettolide

Douglas Little

Dirty Coconut opens with the distinct scent of Coconut – it is sweet yet earthy, with an almost nutty tone to it. The notes of Cedar and Sandalwood in Dirty Coconut balance the gorgeous sweetness of Vanilla and Coconut. We get summer skin, but better! A creamy scent that Vanilla lovers would also love.

Dirty Coconut smells blissfully like coconut! While we find that some coconut scents smell very much like sunscreen, this smells so natural – perfectly balanced between earthy and sweet and all round the most sublime summer scent! Dirty Coconut takes us to summer days by the water, a fresh coconut cut open to drink. The juice is sweet, the flesh is more earthy and creamy, the outcome is satisfyingly quenching, an ode to the magnificent symbol of summer.

Heretic – one who does not conform to the ideals or opinions of the masses; one who follows their own path.
Created in 2016 in New York by Douglas Little, Heretic is a natural, artisan, small batch fragrance collection. Based on the mysterious, sensual and feral aspects of nature, Heretic began with a conscious choice to do things a little differently. Provocative, challenging, unapologetic, visionary and beautiful – Douglas Little has created a rare, unusual and comprehensive collection. As Heretic boldly disrupts the status quo of the fragrance industry with their radical transparency, their fragrances delve into the esoteric world and the realms of homeopathy, ayerveda, and herbology.
Douglas made the choice to work with entirely natural materials – essential oils, concretes and absolute

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