Balance Vase – Clear + Amber


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Fazeek’s hand-crafted Balance Vase in clear + amber pays homage to some of their favourite architects from home and abroad.

These modernist-inspired vessels will complement your pick of sweet, herbaceous, or spiced scented flowers or succulents.

These playful cylindrical vases feature an internal sphere with two hand-cut holes ready to be filled with freshly picked flowers and foliage or to grace any space as a decorative sculptural piece.


All of the FAZEEK glassware is handmade, which means there can be some variations between pieces. Given the hand-blown nature of the glassware, you may come across some slight differences in shape, colour or finish. It is not uncommon to find some small bubbles or a slight wave in the glassware. We love these unique quirks and it is all part of the beauty of handmade products. Each piece is checked thoroughly before leaving Fazeek and arriving at Lore. Any variations you come across should not take away from the experience or the ease of using the pieces, but rather enhance the fact that you’ve purchased handmade from a small business. Go you!


Please be gentle with your new glassware as each piece is delicate, unique and handmade. This includes hand washing and placing the pieces down gently onto hard surfaces.

Vase Dimensions Roughly – 22cm high x 12cm wide


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