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Part of the ‘Evocations Collection’, telling the story of the scent of specific locations – sweet, unspoiled, eternal nature. Inspired by Delphi nights, the ancient Greek sanctuary. The Greeks considered the centre of the world to be in Delphi, marked by the stone monument known as The Omphalos (navel). Attique recreates “Attic Nights”, by Roman author Aulus Gellius. In the shade of a gnarled fig tree, the scholar spends his evenings studying in the scrub of Mount Parnassus, near the sacred sanctuary at Delphi. The sea breeze blows through the coves and mixes aromatic herbs with the scent of the green figs on the trees. Attique creates a modern interpretation of an ancient piece of work bringing classic and modern notes together on perfect harmony.

Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Sea Spray
Middle: Basil, Egyptian Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Base: Barbary Fig Tree, Virginia Cedar, Solar Notes

Vanina Muracciole

Attique is and Eau de Parfum with 6-8 hours wear on the skin. A creamy scent with unmistakable note of Fig shining through; Attique dries with a somewhat complex composition of wood and green, balanced enough to make this scent pleasing on the skin, and super easy to wear.

The layers of Attique, keep us enjoyting this fragrance throughout its entire wear. A clever Fig scent that keeps telling a story for hours to come. We love how it develops so gently, taking us to a seaside town with ripe fig trees and the gentle softness of white flowers with a subtle aromatic and citrus scent.

Born in 1774, Pierre-Francois Lubin lived in a period thought to be the most eventful in France’s history. He began his career as a perfume apprentice at the age of 10 to the famous Jean-Louis Fargeon in 1784. During this time under Fargeon’s tutelage, Lubin came to be entrusted with the beauty recipes of the French Royal Court. Fargeon came from a dynasty of expert perfumers and was Marie Antoinette’s official fragrance supplier. Renowned as the ‘holder of the secrets of beauty of the old court of France’ and thanks to his illustrious patronage, Lubin became the favourite perfumer of many European Courts. In 1821, he became the appointed official supplier of the King of England George IV. Then, in 1823 perfumer to the great Tsar of Russia Alexander I.

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1 review for Attique EDP 75ml.

  1. Lore Team – Hannah

    I have been loving this new fig Scent by Lubin, with a subtle hit of white flowers this scent really lets the fig shine without it being overpowering, I have to say this is one of my favorite fig scents, its unbelievable on the skin and has wild sillage, throwing delicate scent for all to enjoy.

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