Black Jade EDP 100ml

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Floral, Oriental, Spicy
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Black Jade is a modern interpretation of Marie Antoinette's final scent as created originally by Pierre-Francois Lubin.
As Marie Antoinette was sent to meet her fate at the guilottines, she handed the duchess her last vial of perfume. Surviving the revolution, the duchess spoke of the shiny black vial as a talisman and over generations it became know as Jade Noir, or Black Jade as we now know it.
A spicy, floral incarnation Black jade features the two notes of the French garden - Jasmine and Rose. Exotic and noble this fragrance is as rich and mysterious as its history.
With notes of Rose, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Incense, Bergamot, Geranium, Galbanum, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Tonka Bean and Vanilla.

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"If you like others to notice you’re leaving a waft of mystery in your wake, Black Jade is for you. It will definitely get attention and unless they ask, you might just be that “long cool woman in Black Jade”! To give an idea of the scent and dry down, my other favourites (so far) are Gin Fizz, Latin Lover and I layer Juliette Has A Gun “ Not a Perfume “ with “Lady Vengeance”. Keep them guessing💃 Gayle"


"My new signature scent! I love the warm, sweet and spicy smell of this perfume that is unlike any other scent that I’ve smelt. This will remain in my collection for as long as they continue to make it."