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This is the perfect time to curl up, get cosy, light a fire or crank the heating. As we move into those cooler months of the year we can’t help but delight in the comfort that candles bring to our days. A warm golden flicker of light, a delicious fragrance to fill your space, the ritual and calm that comes with lighting your favourite candle.

We truly believe in the power of scent, and as we’ve described time and time again, scent connects you to memories the fastest. It can trigger the happiest of times, the most sentimental, a pivotal moment in your life, a person, a place or a time.

So as we all tend to spend a lot more time indoors over the cooler months, we’ve made an updated list of our favourite, best selling candles from the first half of the year here at Lore.

1. Carriere Freres Tomato Candle

Ahh the scent of a spring/summer garden. Lush and full of ripe fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs. That undeniable scent of tomato stems – green and crisp with a tender sweetness of tomato coming through. This candle brings the scent of the outdoors inside without smelling too food-like. Like the gentle waft of a gorgeous bunch of flowers, this candle gives you a gorgeous bunch of ripe, juicy red tomatoes! 

2. Cire Trudon Abd el Kader Candle

Moroccan Mint Tea, that voluptuous burst of rich and full bodied mint with the fresh, clean tones of tea to perfectly balance it. Abd el Kader is a hard scent to go past – it lifts and refreshes your space and your mood, perfectly accompanies food (read fabulous winter dinner parties) and fills a large space marvelously. No wonder it’s a bestseller!

3. Cire Trudon Gabriel Candle

This is the ultimate winter warmer fragrance. The scent of chimney smoke mingling with roasted nuts and resinous woody tones immediately transports you to festive evenings in Europe just before Christmas. Drinking mulled wine by the warm and smoky fireplace, while snow falls outside, roasting chestnuts by the fire, carols in the background. A scent that conjures those happy and utterly cosy winter evenings.

4. Voluspa Baltic Amber 100 hour Candle

Always a fixture in our top sellers when it comes to candles! Baltic Amber is an Amber, Sandalwood and Vanilla scent that is rich, earthy and warming but also slightly powdery. And not in a granny, talcum powder kind of way, more in a sexy, sultry and resinous kind of way. Much like wearing a cashmere jumper feels cocooning and smooth, Baltic Amber offers the same experience yet via scent. No wonder everyone loves it!

5. Glasshouse Fragrances A Tahaa Affair Candle

I mean, Tahaa lovers know that this candle needs no introduction! This is an iconic scent in the world of candles. Glasshouse Fragrances best selling (and one of their original) scents is that deliciously sweet and syrupy blend of caramel and butterscotch and vanilla and all things sugary sweet and yummy. An absolute must if you want your space to smell like freshly baked sweet treats all the time!


6. Cire Trudon Ottoman Candle

A surprise turn out, but we just love that Ottoman made it into the bestseller list this year! Ottoman is inspired by the Ottoman Empire and the decadence and opulence so it’s no wonder you’re all loving the vibe of this candle. Think swirling plumes of smoke, grounded in leather and then the soft sweetness of a gorgeous rose, a hint of honey, the spice of cinnamon and saffron creating layers of bejeweled scent excellence in the air.

7. Voluspa Goji Tarocco 100 hour Candle

This candle is the perfect match for someone who loves fruity, sweet scents and just wants their space to continue those summer cocktail and pool party vibes all year round. An invigorating medley of Ripe Mango, Goji Berry and Tarocco Orange for the perfect tropical island getaway. Imagine sipping your cocktail by the pool taking in the fruity fresh island scents…but in your own home!

8. Voluspa Forbidden Fig 100 Hour Candle

A newbie from the Voluspa range so we are so excited to see it in the best sellers list! Inspired by a sun drenched orchard, sitting under the magnificent fig tree, this fragrance transports you to a European summer – sweet, succulent figs with the woody depth of the tree, as the breeze flows past the aromatic scents of the orchards come alive with the notes of ripened fig, velvety musk, rose and fig leaf. A picturesque afternoon in nature brought into your own space.

9. Glasshouse Fragrances Melbourne Muse

When Melbourne Muse was released we just knew it was going to be a bestseller in the range. I mean, it’s inspired by Melbourne after all. The scent of coffee laden air on a brisk weekend morning! A lovely blend of sweet Vanilla, Coffee Flower (so it’s coffee-ish but more in a gourmand way rather than literal coffee) then earthy notes of Sandalwood and Patchouli to add the depth and darkness that Melbourne is known for. Stylish black clothing, coffee in hand as you wander the alleys of the city.

10. Cire Trudon Mary Candle

 If you haven’t heard us rave about this candle yet…where have you been, and what have you been doing?! Mary is inspired by Mary Shelley and its scent is an ode to her body of work, most notable Frankenstein. An early feminist, a trailblazer in the literary world and all round intriguing and amazing woman, Mary Shelley is iconic. As for the candle, intoxicatingly exquisite – gothic luxury. The sweet smoke of incense and Labdanum with the soft creamy florals then the resin, woods and moss in the base creates the perfect balance and an incredibly complex and intriguing scent (we doubt Mary Shelley would have it any other way).

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