Lore’s Top 5 Leathery Fragrances

Leathery fragrances are those that (surprise!) replicate the olfactory notes of leather. They’re often deeper, smokier, woodier scents that are super compelling and sexy on the skin, as leather is of course skin! That said, we have a leather fragrance for everyone here at Lore, even those who usually wouldn’t gravitate towards it. 

Here’s our lovely Laura’s top 5 picks!

1. Falcon Leather - Matiere Premiere

Falcon Leather is inspired by the glove of a falconer – rough, worn, and a touch bestial. The leather is made up from a vegetal birch tar note that feels super realistic, raw and smoky, which is complemented by deep, sweet, animalic oud. Those notes plus rich labdanum resin make up an intoxicating concoction that is one of our truest leather scents in the store.

2. Cuoium - Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi’s newest creation, Cuoium (an abbreviation of “un cuore di cuoioa”, meaning “the heart of leather” in Italian) is an abstract exploration of the legacy of leather. Because the perfumer behind this fragrance, Alessandro Gualtieri, doesn’t release his notes, the experience of this fragrance is all about the story. The scent is inspired by Gualtieri’s grandfather who made his only pair of shoes as a young man and wore them until he died, repairing them so much along the way that the shoes kept changing and looked nothing like the pair he first crafted. The scent is therefore dedicated to the practice of repairing instead of replacing, to the taking care of heritage.

3. Cuir Tassili - Maison Rebatchi

Cuir Tassili is the perfect example of an unconventional use of leather. Inspired by long camel rides through the Algerian Tassili desert, this scent incorporates interpretations of traditional Algerian sherbet lemonade and the leather of the camel saddles. Upon first spritz you’re hit with a delicious sparkly lemon tea-like note, which dries down to the scent of a well-worn-in leather jacket. Simply unlike any other leather fragrance we’ve tried.

4. Drakon - Carner Barcelona

Drakon, inspired by the dragons depicted in the gothic architecture of Barcelona, is another different interpretation of a leather scent. It depicts so well a fierce and powerful yet benevolent dragon that must be sought out from in amongst dense green woodlands. With notes of cypress and betel leaf, this is a rather green scent that dries down to a creamy leather and sandalwood. Intense, dramatic and captivating, Drakon lives up to its name.

5. Cuir Cordoba - Keiko Mecheri

Part of Keiko Mecheri’s “Under the Skin” range, Cuir Cordoba is an androgynous, powdery leather with a touch of floral. Inspired by the Spanish city of Cordoba famous for its horse leather, Cuir Cordoba is not an aggressive leather – it’s creamy, soft and skin-like. With main notes of suede, iris and violet, it feels like a chic, modern  interpretation of old-world glamour.

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