Lore’s Top 5 Earthy Scents

Earthy fragrances are natural, grounded, rustic, and as a result smell great without trying too hard! They commonly contain notes like moss, orris root, vetiver, patchouli as well as of course dirt and soil accords.  

Earthy scents are perfect for someone who likes a genderless fragrance with dimension that feels chic in an effortless way. And, just sayin, this vibe realllllly suits the weather right now!

Find out the top 5 earthy scents that Laura just cannot go past at Lore.

1. #2 Spiritus/Land - Miller et Bertaux

This scent by Miller et Bertaux does what it promises and conjures the spirit of the land. It’s a beautiful blend of mystical incense, teak, sandalwood, spices and rose. A twist on a traditional churchy incense, Spiritus/Land is more esoteric, mysterious, grounded and raw. This scent can transport you almost anywhere, it feels like home in a bottle.

2. Mikado Bark - Mihan Aromatics

Inspired by the smell of Fitzroy’s Edinburgh Gardens in Autumn, Mikado Bark is a lighter earthier scent. It’s the scent of being in a park, losing yourself in a paperback book sitting under a tree, the grassy earth beneath you cool, but still feeling the warmth of dappled sunlight on your face. With base notes of sandalwood and cedar, this scent is creamy, grounding and extremely comforting.

3. Coven - Andrea Maack

One of the earthiest scents we have at Lore, Coven is a mysterious portal into the super-natural world. With green moss and a soil tincture, Coven is the scent of following a damp, mossy path into a dense Icelandic forest, then happening upon some of the pagan magic that happens there. Balanced by the warmth of peaty whiskey and spices, Coven is, simply put… bewitching.

4. Stercus - Orto Parisi

Its name meaning “feces” or “dung” in Latin, Stercus is an animalic, dirty earthy scent. By a perfumer who does not release his notes, Alessandro Gualtieri wants to encourage us to explore the thing that makes the world go round – natural and always true. People are always surprised when they’re drawn to this scent and what it does on the skin – is it the smell of sweat, animals, dung, leather, hay, tobacco, woods? It’s definitely the true smell of life and equality – all differences end with exertion of something universal.

5. Mirabilis 60 - L'Artisan Parfumeur

Mirabilis 60 is an example of a clean earthy scent. What seems like an oxymoron makes sense as soon as you breathe it in, however. L’Artisan’s La Botanique series explores nature in its most abstract, creating a mysterious olfactive experience. It’s an intimate, soft, musky, resinous fragrance that has light and shade throughout, connecting us to the earth, the past, the present and the future.

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