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Acqua di parma

In 1916, master perfumers created a fragrance in a small perfumer's laboratory in the old town centre of Parma. The most striking thing was the purity of the fragrance produced exclusively with natural ingredients. To this day, Acqua di Parma’s iconic scent Colonia has never been changed. Over the years, the popularity of Acqua di Parma continued to grow. The iconic Art Deco bottle known and loved today was created in the 1930s and instantly saw the range become the perfume of the era. For Acqua di Parma international success came in the 1950s, when Hollywood film stars travelled to Italy and discovered it in highly exclusive tailor shops, where it's unmistakable Italian style and elegance was heightened. By the 1960s, Acqua di Parma had become an exclusive, high society perfume house and to this day is all of the lines continue to be produced strictly in Italy.


  • Ginepro di Sardegna EDT 75ml


  • Rosa Nobile EDP 100ml

  • Magnolia Nobile EDP 100ml


  • Peonia Nobile EDP 50ml

  • Peonia Nobile EDP 100ml

  • Cedro di Taormina EDT 75ml

  • Colonia Intensa Oud EDC 100ml

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  • Colonia Intensa Oud EDC 100ml

  • Colonia Assoluta EDC 100ml

  • Bergamotto di Calabria EDT 75ml

  • Bergamotto di Calabria EDT 150ml