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A Tale of Villainous Fragrances

Everyone always loves the villain more, right? Or is that just us?! Without villains, you can’t have heroes. Despite the trouble they cause, villains can be the most eccentric and entertaining characters in a story! They always have so much personality, have a LOT more fun, and let’s face it, always have the better outfits and overall style.

Female villains are the best. Iconic, evil and cunning – or just misunderstood and complicated women?

There’s definitely no shortage of iconic female villains in pop culture, so for spooky season, we’ve picked our favourites and given them each a fragrance we think perfectly captures their evil essence.

The Evil Queen (Snow White)

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The fairest scent of them all for the Evil Queen – with enticing red apple, mystical incense, carnal tuberose and exotic feijoa. The opening is bright and fruity, but a spicy, poisonous depth is revealed when the scent dries down. She may keep it hidden in the box made for Snow White’s heart, but even that’s not enough to stop you from risking it all to take a bite.


If she’s feeling miserable, darling, just perfectly wretched, Cruella will simply spritz this scent to return to her usual evil self. A 1920’s style cocktail of sweet raspberry liqueur, Isabella grape, spicy Sichuan pepper and smooth dark chocolate, this is no fragrance for the meek. Intoxicating, bold and opulent, if it doesn’t draw you in, nothing will!


The mistress of all evil needs something to match her dark intensity, which only Bestium can do. With the highest grade animalic oud palao, velvety roses, earthy patchouli and rich resins, this scent is truly labyrinthine. With a sharp, dirty opening, this scent continues to change throughout the day, taking twists and turns in unexpected directions all the way.


A fragrance with secret notes is only fitting for Ursula, the queen of granting monkey paw wishes to the poor unfortunate souls who seek her out. This the scent of the deep depths of the sea, where the seaweed is hundreds of metres tall, creatures lurking betwixt and between, where darkness reigns. Beluga, sevruga, with Megamare the spell of the sea is cast.


Rich, bold and uncompromising, The Queen of Hearts would naturally only wear a fragrance named after her. Not for the faint of heart, this concoction of (painted red) roses, juicy peach, sparkling spicy pink pepper and musk makes a real impact. The perfect scent for croquet or handing down death sentences, this perfume affords its wearer a real sense of power – provided you play your cards right.


Craft is the perfect scent for the witch who magically forced Narnia into a hundred-year winter of cold, hard ice and constant snow. With an opening of freezing ice, aldehydes, and cold metal, and a base of sharp cedarwood and resinous elemi, this fragrance truly captures the feel of spellbinding, sparse woodlands. Compelling and hypnotic, let Craft cast its spell on you.


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