Lore’s Top 5 Spicy Floral Scents

So you love a floral fragrance but want something with a little spice to it? 

A bit of a warm wintery kick, maybe something with an allure of mystery. An earthy touch to create an extra element of depth to the gorgeousness of the floral tones. Maybe a little bit of spicy grunt to give the pretty florals an edge. Well, look no further…

Del has compiled our list of our Top 5 Spicy Florals for you below.

1. Lubin - Black Jade

Lauded, hated, loved, lost, remembered: The night before Marie Antoinette was led to the guillotine, she handed her lady-companion a small bottle made of black jade, containing the last drops of her favourite fragrance. It had been created by the queen’s perfumer Jean-Louis Fargeon, as an ode to the private rose and jasmine gardens at Trianon; an escape from the vipers at court, the rigours of noble etiquette, the peace before the fall. Infused with vanilla and patchouli and cinnamon, all of Marie’s privilege, riches, and joy were distilled into that little bottle, all given away as her life came to an end. But its secrets were preserved, the formula dutifully written down by Fargeon’s apprentice, the young Lubin. Resurrected from the record in the early 2000s, Black Jade lives on as a testament to history and the legacy of a complicated woman. Decadent, sensuous, soft, and above all, royal.

2. Miller et Bertaux - #1 (For You)

Like a warm hug, or maybe the feeling of a fire’s glow on cold cheeks, or perhaps like wearing your cosiest socks on the coldest days of the year, #1 (For You) is comforting and lovely. It opens with the delicious spices of chutney, peppered upon musky white lily, ylang ylang, black iris. The blend of rosewood, cedarwood, sandalwood give this fragrance a firm and dependable (literal) base from which it continues to play and dance along the skin. An excellent spicy floral for all genders, this scent is for you, for whenever you need it, for whoever you want to be.

3. Costume National - So Nude

Art has long been fascinated with the naked form and what it reveals about human nature, about how to comprehend the self when stripped bare. So Nude is an ode to revealing your true essence and is accordingly formed about a full centre of tuberose, a flower long associated with the corporeal and carnal. Layered with cardamon and caraway and given even more body with a cedar and sandalwood base, this scent is a vivacious entry in the long tradition of capturing sensuality in a bottle. An intimate fragrance.

4. Tokyo Milk - Savage Belle

They say that Eve was tempted by the Devil, who came to her in the form of a serpent, and from that day onwards, sin and women have gone hand in hand. A scent for all the femme fatales who have lived ever since, Savage Belle opens with warm ginger and bergamot, then followed by a wild bloom of wisteria, a luxurious flower both alluring and poisonous. A touch of charcoal adds an extra hint of ominous. A fair warning, you may spend the day (or night) smelling your own wrist to try and capture just one side of this genuinely beguiling scent, but sometimes you get ginger, sometimes a purple bloom, sometimes a touch of darkness itself. This fragrance is slippery, slippery like a snake.

5. Robert Piguet - Calypso

You may have heard of Odysseus, and you may have heard of his long journey home from the fall of Troy. Along the way, he is detained for several years on the isle of Ogygia by the nymph Kalypso, against the will of his fate and the gods who determine it. But she sits and sings at a loom of golden thread, and promises him eternal youth if he stays with her, forever. A siren’s call of scent, Calypso opens with bright, clear notes of geranium and mandarin. This sparkling opening crescendos into a rich, red melody of orris butter and Bulgarian rose, before building into a smooth, sensuous chord of amber and suede. A fragrance worthy of defying the gods.

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