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#1 (For You) EDP 100ml

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A soft and gentle fragrance with a delicate kick of spice to create this unique fragrance especially For You. The perfect spicy blend, soft and mysterious, like the warmth of an all encompassing and comforting hug. While For You has a spicy heart, it is soft and gentle. The lingering scent of the most elegant woman waltzing down the street in her wintery finest. Dressed to impress, a beguiling smile, a subtle glance and scent to leave a quietly confidant and mesmerising impact.

Top: Chutney Spices
Middle: Black Iris, White Lily, Ylang Ylang, Musk
Base: Rosewood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood 

Vincent Ricord

For You is an Eau de Parfum that will give you anywhere from 6 – 8 hours on the skin. The Rose and darker florals deepened by the Rosewood and spicy notes, perhaps more closely classified as a floriental. A graceful scent that will revisit you like a welcomed tap on the shoulder by an old friend every now and then throughout it’s wear. Rich, but by no means overpowering.

We love how this fragrance really makes it feel like it’s been created just For You. Calming and soothing. A bit like a comforting hug from an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, but who knows you like nobody else and loves you just the way you are. We also recommend this perfume as a great alternative to Serge Lutens (and Shiesedo’s) Feminite du Bois.

Partners in life, artists and adventurers, Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux opened a boutique in the Marais, Paris to share their inspiration; their wonderful finds with the world. From here, a fragrance collection was born. A series of stories, of experiences and of places brought to life in fragrance. “Fragrances for the body and soul, dedicated to those who chose the balance of being and appearance. “ The eclectic nature of their vision, and their trips translated into perfumes.

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1 review for #1 (For You) EDP 100ml.

  1. Hannah – Lore Staff

    When i first started at Lore Perfumery one of the first brands i had training in was Miller et bertaux, and from said training i fell in LOVE with this scent, it actually ended up being one of the first scents i took home from Lore to experience in my home life, and I’ve never stopped loving it. Its such an interesting scent, woody, floral and spicy, ticking all the boxes. I especially love the throw of iris in this one, its something special. I wear this one, day/ night, winter/summer, for quite a niche perfumer its surprisingly versatile.

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