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Why we love the Demeter Fragrance Library

Many of you will be familiar with the iconic niche fragrance house, Demeter. It’s been a staple brand at Lore for years, much to the delight of everyone who comes across it in our store!

We like to call Demeter the “Jelly Belly” of fragrance houses, in that they pretty much have every scent you can think of – even some kind of controversial ones (we’re looking at you, Funeral Home).

Demeter was started in 1996 by a former Kiehl’s perfumer, whose objective was to create single-note fragrances that could realistically capture scents found in nature. Dirt, Grass and Tomato were their first releases and immediately achieved superstar status in the niche fragrance world. The brand then continued to expand their range to include scents inspired by everyday objects and experiences, be it the ones you can find in nature or elsewhere.

Each Demeter fragrance is a single-note scent, meaning they express their olfactory nature immediately and don’t really change over time compared to a fragrance with lots of notes. This means they are fantastic for layering, so you can mix two or three of them to create your own bespoke fragrance blend!

The Demeter fragrance house is essentially a fragrance library. The scents will transport you to memories in an instant. They inspire and delight. Sometimes they shock and, sometimes, they even repulse. This is the wonder of a niche fragrance house that creates photorealistic scents without boundaries. And it’s what we love the most about them at Lore. And most likely, it is what makes them iconic in the fragrance world.

Best Sellers we all LOVE!

Now, this selection may surprise you, but the thing with Demeter is that the scents continually keep us and all that smell them, on their toes!  We all clearly like scents that take us out into nature or give us some kind of nostalgia. From the fresh and clean Jasmine, Tomato, Dirt (and yes, this smells like fresh earth in the best possible way) to the soft, sweet and happy scents of Baby Powder and Pixie Dust. And in case you were wondering what Pixie Dust would smell like…it’s sweet, fruity, sherbet-y joy!

The Quirkiest of the Quirky

The weird and the wonderful fragrances from Demeter are what we live for! They make this range so much fun to explore. While some are very much conceptual, some are ridiculously accurate and to be honest, kinda mind blowing. We love Demeter for their pursuit of accurate smells, regardless of whether they will be crowd pleasers (and often times they actually are!).

The Yummiest Gourmands

Sweet deliciousness that smells good enough to eat…but please don’t! As per Demeter’s usual style, these fragrances smell so photorealistic that you’ll be drooling as you spritz, haha. But in all seriousness, Demeter does some of the best sweet treats in niche fragrance. And we love to layer these with other fragrances for a little touch of extra yum!

Nature-like Scenarios

Demeter takes us out into nature with these gorgeous scents. We love that these fragrances absolutely transport you into the elements be it rain, digging up roses in a wet garden, a sea mist or that wonderfully refreshing scent of a thunderstorm on concrete (petrichor). The nature-like scents are so evocative and life-like that its easy to understand why they are massive crowd pleasers.

Playful Nostalgia

These are possibly the most fun of all of the Demeter fragrances. They are scents of youth, scents of special moments. They are the kind of scents that you don’t always expect to be recreated in fragrance, and essentially they are happy-making fragrances. From that clean New Baby smell to childhood memories of doughy Play-Doh to your First Love. I mean, is there anything that Demeter cannot do?

Dark and Mysterious

Originally, Demeter did a collab with the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira. Needless to say we had to have it all! In fact the range was ordered into Australia, especially for us. Give us all the spooky, creepy, mysterious vibes. With a wicked array of poisonous ingredients, rare florals, and eerie ingredients, these dark and mysterious fragrances are perfect for those who prefer to take a walk on the darker side of life.


The Drinks Menu

From cocktails to a good old coffee, Demeter has your drink order ready to go. We love that the drinks in the Demeter collection vary from rich, smoky booze to a deliciously fruity cocktail to those slightly more refreshing beverages. Whatever your poisin, Demeter more than likely have a fragrance that will do the trick!

Shop the full Demeter collection

Those are just some of our favourites from the Demeter collection but this is one extension range and we highly recommend working your way through the entire range. Trust us, you’ll have so much fun!


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