Pixie Dust EDC 30ml


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The truth is, no one knows Pixie Dust smells like – but we think it would be fruity, sugary and light as the air itself.

In the Disney version of Peter Pan, when Tinker Bell moves she is trailed by small amounts of pixie dust, and this dust can help humans fly, if they think happy thoughts. Demeter wants people to think happy thoughts – in fact, one of their main reasons for being is because great fragrance always makes you smile. So spritz a little Pixie Dust and be happy!

Pixie Dust is sugary, fruity and fizzy, like a sweet sherbet. As an Eau de Cologne it will last on the skin for 3-4 hours. 

Pixie Dust reminds us of the early 00s, where everything from lip gloss to toys were scented with this super sweet, fruity sugary smell. One for our gourmand nostalgia chasers! 

Named after the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter Fragrance Library was founded in 1996 with a mission to capture the beautiful smells of the garden and nature in the form of wearable fragrance. Their first few scents – Dirt, Grass and Tomato – were immediate hits as they represented such a point of difference in the fragrance market, and still remain cult faves to this day! 
Since their debut, Demeter Fragrance Library has expanded to include hundreds of scents. Each of their fragrances draws inspiration from everyday objects and experiences – be it the ones you can find in nature or elsewhere – from Baby Powder to Thunderstorm, from Gin & Tonic to Kitten Fur. 
All Demeter fragrances are single note scents, meaning they use the smallest combination of ingredients possible to express an olfactory idea. Notes are linear, which means they express their olfactory nature immediately and do not change over time. Linear is simple, and simple is perfect for every day. This simplicity is what makes Demeter’s fragrances so evocative and transportive – whether they remind you of an at-home creature comfort or a childhood memory, they will always elicit some sort of reaction. 
Demeter is now a family-owned and operated business with all their products finished and batched by hand in Pennyslvania, USA. All of their fragrances are at least 95% derived from natural and sustainable sources and are not tested on animals. 

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